Countryside Bicycle Tour

This experience will take you back to the roots of the city - the village. Life is slow paced here so it’s ideal for the visitor looking to enjoy the pleasures of slow travel. But there are rhythms here too which have been set down the centuries from generation to generation in this rural landscape. It is the earth, the sun, the rain that comprises the grammar of the narratives that are written about life here. The seasonal changes bring their own beauty to this pastoral way of life.

Organic living is at the heart of this world. The music, the dance, the folklore, the spiritual inspirations are reflective of the conversations that touch upon the most important aspects of a village life…the sowing,…the harvests…wedding…births…deaths…the weather –all bound together in a never-ending cycle.

Agra By Cycle helps you discover the unexplored and untouched rural beauty of India and experience the tradition and lifestyle of villagers, indulge in local delicacies, witness local traditions and rituals and learn about the region's folk art, crafts, legends, music and dance.

  • Experience village life
  • Visit Agricultural fields
  • Visit the village school
  • Learn about local Art
  • Interact with the locals
  • Enjoy unique views of Taj
  • Learn about traditional cooking methods
  • The destinations on this tour have been reviewed and hand-picked by Agra by Cycle team for the value they offer in terms of natural beauty, safety, accessibility, cultural activities and traditional practices followed by the people here. We will explore the countryside to the east of Taj Mahal. On our way to the village, we will visit several local industries and activities as well as a school, where we will learn about education in the villages. At the village, we will interact with a local family and then walk around the village and the surrounding area.

    We cycle around the agricultural fields, halt at the village school for you to interact, learn the know-how of the village people, about their traditional culinary techniques and the local art. The most attractive segment of this tour is the charming and unique view of the Taj. You have the freedom to pause at any angle that gives you the eminent view and capture its astonishing beauty forever in your lens.

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