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The remote Himalayan kingdom is the poster boy for all the right moves when talk comes to sustainable living holiday choices. Bhutan’s clear-sighted goals for the happiness and well-being of her people, and her deep-rooted traditions of sustainable living practices, make it one of the most attractive holiday destinations.

It’s definitely the go-to destination for travelers who want to ‘do good’ in the places that they visit and for the communities that they meet. We will open up the highways and byways of its cultural splendor staged against some of the world’s most gorgeous natural landscapes. Not only will we introduce you to the rich pageantry of the Thimphu Tshechu in Tashichho Dzong, an otherworldly experience hiking to Tiger’s Nest, and the thrill of river rafting on the Po Chhu River — we have a host of many other hidden gems to share with you.

Suggested Tours for Bhutan

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We're all about forging bonds – people to people, cultures, and their inner selves. Our passionate experts love crafting custom adventures, so you can dive deeper by cooking together, exchanging stories, or uncovering traditions.

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Choose us for mindful adventures and conscious travel that positively impact local communities and the planet. With us, you'll savour journeys ethically, safely, and stress-free while giving back to the communities that welcome you.

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With us, you craft a one-of-a-kind journey by choosing from a menu of over 600 unique experiences, from adrenaline-fuelled adventures to deep cultural immersions. Count on us to go beyond the ordinary to weave a tapestry of authentic, undiluted moments and lifelong stories to share with the world.

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We prioritize every fine detail, from handpicked routes to hip accommodations, to make your journey flawless. Our passionate tour experts ensure every hour is rewarding, leaving you stress-free to explore, relax, and connect with diverse cultures.

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