Many find it spiritually glorious; others might call it a valley of mystery and magic; either way, the city of Paro is a creation of God’s own hands. Showcasing the grandeur of mighty Himalayas, cradling the splendour of Buddhism and the pristine freshness of nature, this city is where one finds relief.

We take you through the spiralled valleys, walk you past some sparkling waterfalls, let you sink into the smooth landscape and perceive the divinity that is in the air of this city.

The city displays respect for the conventional beliefs of Bhutan and upholds its glory in each doing. But along with being a traditional beauty, Paro is also an exhilarating realm. It offers treks, insightful interactions, unending thrill with its national sport and a lot more!

Bhutanese Meal with local family

Countering the chilly environment of the realm is the spicy hot cuisine Bhutan is much famous for. Stepping into the kitchen of the local host and diving into the traditional Bhutanese cuisine is a belly-satisfying experience. Learn about their culinary art, their ways of using red rice and the way they employ richly fragrant spices, know their ancestral recipes and a lot more that helps them in cooking the most finger-licking and flavourful cuisines of all times.

Bhutan Archery Lessons

The steadiness of the bow, the vigour embraced within the arrow and the rhythmic vibration felt in the finger as soon as the bow leaves is what creates that little race in each heart! While in Paro, one should try their hands on the National sport of Bhutan - Archery guided by the experts. Amidst the brisk winds, snow-clad mountains and bristles of sunlight, focusing on the aim is for the venturesome souls.

Hot Stone Bath soaking in medicinal water

After experiencing an authentic Hot-Stone Bhutanese bath, one can forget the fancy spa treatments! Going on since ages now, the Hot-Stone bath gives the pristine form of tranquil in the most natural manner. Laying relaxingly in the rock heated water and letting the rock minerals and medicinal plants goodness soak within the body is pure magic.

Chele La Pass

Eyeing a visual where the sky is placidly embracing the snow-capped peaks and the lush valleys is soul-stirring and so a drive to Chele La Pass is an ideal endeavour. Moving through tall dense and enchanting larch, jaw-dropping vistas of snow-decked peaks, serene waterfalls, wildflowers and all that Mother Nature is known for makes it a serene experience.

Dharma Talk with Khenpo Phuntsok Tashi (Director of National Museum of Bhutan)

What better way to touch the mystic soul of Bhutan than to talk individually with the master himself! A personal conversation while sipping hot tea with Khenpo brushes off the dust from some of the intricate ideologies of Bhutanese culture. His warmth, his calmness and his clarity of thought is beguiling and is worth an interaction.

Yangphel Pottery and Ceramics

Feeling the creamy texture of wet clay in between the fingers never gets old! Yangphel Pottery lets one feel the same while also observing the labour they are putting in trying to revive the charming Bhutanese pottery. A visit here displays an array of finest earthenware items ornamented with enticing paintings having historical importance of Bhutan.

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