18 Aug 2022

Abled Traveller: Serving Up Wheelchair Accessible Tours


India has long been regarded as not a very disabled friendly tourist destination. But things are changing now with more mindful facilities being set in place at tourist hubs, hotels, shopping places, transport services etc. This is all to the good as there has been a rise in numbers of differently abled travellers opting to visit India. Much has to be said of travel programme curators who have risen to the challenge and are creating fun-filled holidays for seniors, wheelchair travellers, the visually impaired as well as travellers with different physical challenges. What makes their job slightly easier is that even local authorities and administrations have taken a note about these requirements so more and more places are getting accessible.

The seed of Abled Traveller was planted in March 2014 by successful travel professionals. This human size business is backed by 20 years’ experience. The main team leads from New Delhi supported by branch office in the hills at Shimla. Recognition by Ministry of Tourism, Government of India, and its membership with IATO has leant wings to Abled Travellers’ drive to make a difference in all the travel experiences it offers.

It is what has given the firm the confidence to take on the great responsibility of serving the industry as an experience provider for disabled travellers in India. Abled Traveller is an aspiring step supporting disability and travel. From the very start it has proven its successful handling of wheelchair accessible tours and holidays for foreign travellers. With experience gathered over the years the firm has structured its operations in this area even more sleekly, whether it comes to accessible transport, hotels, restaurants and, of course, the tourist sites themselves.

Abled Traveller chooses, with great care, each one of its destinations with these special needs in mind. In all the tours on offer for physically challenged travellers the firm aims to showcase different inspiring aspects of Indian society. That’s why these special travellers get to see the richness of Indian culture through its historical monuments, the delicious culinary heritage, and the amazing range of architectural delights.

For a more immersive experience of the places one visits, the spotlight is directed on daily life, local markets, and religious places showing spirituality harmoniously coexisting with modern living. No travel is complete without a meal with a local family where it gives a great opportunity to understand distinct cultures. Though India as a travel destination is massive, the firm includes the best places to visit in a wheelchair.

Abled Traveller’ mission is to curate joyful accessible holidays for all with socially responsible and authentic bespoke local travel experiences.  The firm is happy to build a suitable program for a perfect family holiday – or even for singletons traveling alone with disability.

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