19 Jul 2022

Delhi by Cycle: On a Roll


With so many layers of the Eternal City’s past, present, and future to be peeled away, for culture buffs a leisurely slow- paced tour of the city is considered most rewarding. Himanshu and his team at Delhi by Cycle have picked up the most alluring spots of this fantastic city as signposts in this lively journey in their carefully curated bike tours.

The inspiration behind these tours, as Himanshu shares, was a Dutchman named Jack Leenaars who, in 2009, was working in the city as a journalist and started using his cycle for his daily commute. It was not too long before he started expanding his horizons by heading out to Old Delhi to explore its serpentine lanes and by-lanes on his bike. He enjoyed the experience so much he started taking along his friends and visiting people on this unique exploration of the heritage-rich historic Old Quarter. The growing popularity of these bike rides gave birth to Delhi By Cycle. The most unique experience of that time came out in the most organic way!

Over the years Delhi By Cycle has gained immense attention and garnered great favour amongst travellers coming to India. During the COVID pandemic its popularity went up with the Delhi citizenry as well.

Over the past13 years Delhi by Cycle has hosted people from all over the world; the highest footfall has been from the European countries. Presently it is equipped with hundreds of cycles to cater to its growing customer base. It has already shared this exclusive organic experience with over 40,000 clients and partners such as KLM, the Dutch airline; it has hosted luminaries such as the Prime Minister and sundry ministers of The Netherlands, the CEO of Netflix Reed Hastings, the ex-CEO of the Virgin Group, several international sports teams and many more.

The tours are particularly popular with foreigners, expats living in Delhi, and Indians with bike tour interests. Delhi by Cycle is on a roll and has great plans to expand the tours to other cities where people would love to explore and learn all about their history, heritage and culture by bicycle – the non-polluting organic way to travel at leisure.

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