19 Aug 2022

Fruit Of The Loom: Textile Tours With A Heart By Breakaway


Its jewel-toned tapestry of textile traditions is a fantastic repository of one of India’s most captivating cultural persuasions. Enriched by the influences of the diverse geographies, regional climatic factors and community customs and creative inspirations, Indian textiles will always keep the world in thrall..

The aura of mystique that surrounds Oriental splendour is best mirrored by India’s exotic textiles and their infinite variety of weaves and patterns, dyeing techniques and embellishments. For many years now, we have been familiar with Jaypore, the Indian online retail portal which showcases an amazing range of Indian handwoven products, ranging from saris to Kurtis to linens. This expertise has been well put to use with the offering of some thrilling textile trails, through Breakaway, a travel initiative by Shilpa Sharma, one of the co-founders of Jaypore..

You know you are in good hands when you are looking for truly immersive experiences of India’s textile traditions. These inspirational tours are backed by a rock-solid, in-depth understanding of this exquisite craft, produced by humble villagers who are the custodians of these centuries-old ancestral traditions. Shilpa’s over two decades of pursuits in the textile, craft and lifestyle retail space and personal networks add a fresh dimension to each carefully curated tour from the Breakaway stable. These slow travel trips around India allow for rich engagements with India’s crafting communities..

What gilds the rich offerings of Breakaway trips, even more are the deep dive experiences in craft and textile, culinary and social enterprise interactions. You will love these interpersonal journeys as they are truly rewarding explorations of the cultural splendour of rural India with the lens eye directed on the corridors of India’s textile rich states. What makes them even more unique is the network of Breakawayers - a clutch of multi-faceted domain experts in their chosen fields, be it Textile Design, Gourmet World Cuisine, Wellness, etc, each of them intrepid, passionate travellers who help you ‘see rather than look, listen rather than hear’ on each trail..

Put yourself confidently in their hands as you plunge into a world of rich silks and simple but exquisite handwoven cottons, gossamer- fine voiles and crisp organzas, stunning embroideries and beautiful hand-block prints and unique weaves. From ancient Varanasi to Udaipur… from Ahmedabad to Jaipur these textile trails are a mind-blowing roller-coaster of delights of textures and colours, of chai and conversations, of fun and learning….

Here’s a small taste of things to come as you ‘breakaway’ from the mundane. Check out the Textile Trail in the Holy City of Varanasi; Textile Trail in Udaipur; Block-Printing workshop in Jaipur; One Day Textile Trail in Kanchipuram; A Textile Trail in Ahmedabad; Sustainability tour in Jaipur.

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