09 Jun 2022

Jaipur Like A Local: Our Favourite Experiences


There are plenty of exciting and beautiful things to do in India, and the capital of Rajasthan is no exception. Besides its justifiably famous sights, the pink city has many experiences that might go unseen by travellers not in the know.

Whether you are looking to dive into local culture, explore its iconic sights or sample its varied cuisines, there is plenty to fill any itinerary. From famous landmarks and delicious tastings to hidden gems and colourful streets, these experiences will show you the best of the city.

Sunrise Hot Air Balloon safari

One of best ways to look at the attractive colours of the Pink City is by enjoying a bird’s-eye view on a hot air balloon tour. Hoover high and low and absorb the kaleidoscope of colours, punctuated by forts and palaces, and framed by morning haze mixed with rays of sunshine. It’s hard to beat the magic of seeing the landscape transition through colours.

Morning Heritage Walk

Discover a side of Jaipur only locals know about! Explore an authentic neighbourhood filled with historical gems, plus hear plenty of stories from your local insider. Stroll through the characterful streets. Explore the nooks and crannies of the exquisite Pink City, learn the glorious, antiquated stories of the old walled city, and hear the morning temple prayers and bells.

Explore the city on two wheels

For those feeling adventurous, a healthy way to explore Jaipur is to hop on a bicycle and ride along twisting alleys of street bazaars, food stalls, cows, goats, motorbikes, chai sellers and tuk tuks. Traverse through the small nooks and crannies on empty streets of this otherwise bustling city. The best part? You get to see places only locals know about!

Zip through secret alleys on a Rickshaw

A traditional way to discover the city at dawn on a uniquely designed, eco-friendly e-rickshaw driven by smart, enthusiastic, and well-trained women, all from low-income households. It is a great way to explore the Pink City during the quieter early morning hours and see another side to the city that many people miss when speeding through the highlights and monuments during the busier hours of the day.

Experience block printing tradition first-hand!

In times of machines and technologies, Jaipur is proud of its old traditions to retain roots and keep block printing alive in the age of screen printing. This tour takes you to the masters of this phenomenal art. Appreciate and absorb the workshops of artisans specialized in block carving, dyeing, washing, and printing. Get to see the centuries old stamp patterns. Walk down to the drying fields and see a rainbow of colours.

Dive into the radiant inks and create your own fabric!

A wonderful immersive rural farm experience.

The world is moving towards a better tomorrow. Supporting the idea of a convalescent future is – Ikaki Bagh. It is a farm on the outskirts of Jaipur, running with the rationale to inspire small and marginal farmers to adopt organic farm practices, sustainability initiatives and environment conservation. They desire to promote minimal living.

Escape from the hubbub of the city and enter the calm of the country. See for yourself how 70% of India lives in the suburb. Step into the farmers shoes, visit the site of organic farming and witness first-hand the improvements implemented by the team.

Be a part of the change and look at all the humane activities undertaken by the Ikaki Bagh team during your visit. From providing education to poor children to empowering women of the village, the team is hands on. More than being eye-gratifying, this visit will be soul-gratifying.

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