11 Jun 2022

Jodhpur: Enjoy A City Like A Local – Unique Things To Do


The mesmerizing Sun City of Jodhpur is so much more than just the elephantine Forts where emperors once strolled or the exquisite palaces that shine from a mile away with their elaborate carvings. Jodhpur has a vibe that engrosses everyone, activities that stirs excitement and fabricate lifelong memories!

Walk into the azure alleys, dive into the culture, and explore other treasures, travel through the air eyeing the majestic glory of the Rajputana edifices, cycle around the different shades of blue, talk and connect with the locals – the city provides unique experiences that showcase the grandeur of the realm while taking care of the thrill and fun quotient.

The Flying Fox

For those seeking to spice up the journey in this vintage city, this venture will not disappointment! Jodhpur has an exceptionally well-knit experience provided by the flying experts that stays guarded in a persons’ heart forever. The clear sapphire sky with cotton candy clouds above and chunks of the blue houses below with the restful lake in-between, is what the eyes witness while floating in the air from one end to another on a zipline.

Cycle Tour

Cycling through the antiquated alleys and magnificent localities of Jodhpur is a heart- warming experience. The simplicity of the city allows one to easily glance and hop to and from between hundreds of years of glory. Witnessing the withered charm, running fingers over the wrinkled surfaces of antiquated structures and bonding with the city on another level is all possible in this experience.

Brahmins and the Blue City Walking Tour

Walking into the obscure corners of the city, exploring the geometrically precise architecture and eyeing the clattered 'Chaupars' (intersection points) is a way of embracing Jodhpur. Brahmins of the city have engrossing narratives, age old stories and secrets of the indigo hued lanes that no tabloid would tell! Sauntering these mirthful alleys along with halting and gelling up with the mystic Brahmins, opens up doors of connecting with the soul of the city.

Rural Day Drive Experience

Coexisting with the glaring royalty of Jodhpur, is a pristine yet sublime arena of the rurals that illuminates simplicity and portrays the small joys of life, making each visitor’s heart happy! Peeping into the raw life of the vibrant rurality and driving past lanes that are simple yet beaming with elegance is an emotive and gripping experience. The barren terrain embellished with warm locals leave a charming imprint on the visitors showcasing the beauty of simplicity and goodness.

Weaving Workshop & Village Safari

This experience is for those who cradle the desire of engaging with art and artisans in their hearts. The village is adorned with hard-working craftsmen who breathe life into generation old art. Lending a hand in the creation process of these masterpieces while exchanging kind words with the villagers is a joyous moment.

Mehrangarh by night

As the night falls on the fortress of Jodhpur, its glory enhances, and this is when stepping into the dreamy vicinity of the Mehrangarh Fort along with the museum curator becomes a spellbinding experience! With the curator by your side, walk into the alluring aesthetical rooms of the Fort – step foot into the massive royal bedroom, observe the rooms dedicated to public gathering during the emperor reign eras and eye the divine artefacts. This exclusive tour coupled with the curator displays an unforgettable beauty and stitches together a memory for a lifetime.

Blue City Art Trail

Each corner of this city fosters art! Intricate carvings on sandstones, elegant thread work on fabrics, one of a kind vintage art form – Jodhpur personifies art. From vibrant fabrics to elegant block-printed artworks - Jodhpur has a few indigenous art forms caressed in her lap. Safeguarding ancestral art forms along with alluring techniques of needles, threads, and embroidery, walking to the artisans in those azure lanes is an artistic experience.

Jodhpur Fashion Trail

When a shopaholic hears about Jodhpur, the very next thought that rings in the head is of the - breeches or the English riding pants locally known as the Jodhpurs! Contemporary boutiques, bona-fide handloom fabrics, exceptionally graceful traditional attires - Jodhpur provides one of the finest retail-therapy sessions.

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