27 Jun 2022

Kestrel Adventures: Embracing Sustainable and Responsible Tourism for Unforgettable Experiences


As the world reels under the mounting global concerns of climate change, or environment, security, and social disarray, we just long for a place where we can rest easy for a while to recharge our batteries. Senthil Kumar, who set up Kestrel Adventures in Munnar, was clearly in sync with the sentiments of travellers and decided to facilitate this mind-set with an array of free-spirited adventure and nature-based activities.

Together with his like–minded professional team members, Senthil is scripting narratives for memorable vacations with fun-filled travel programmes. What’s even more important is that each experience is driven by the idea of conserving the local culture, society and biodiversity through sustainable and responsible tourism practices.

The inspiration of the choices of travel programs Kestrel Adventures has curated stems from the satisfaction of guests; it also been shaped by how much they immersed themselves in the activities arranged for their pleasure. What’s also been inspirational about guest response to them is the respect and appreciation of the essence of the local experience.

The grand theatre of these lovely adventures is the glorious environs of Eravikulam National Park, the plantation country of Munnar and South-Western Ghats expanses of Kerala.

The most popular tours in Munnar revolve around the tea country with enriching tea experiences, and activities such as treks with tea tasting, birdwatching tours, community enhancement programs, time spent with a tea picker, making your own tea, etc.

Munnar’s tea plantations are a sequestered world, with their very distinctive rhythm of daily routines, timings and worker schedules. You’ll find that it really is very different from the rest of Munnar with its daily pursuits– be it in the factory or out amongst the estate areas where the plants grow. You will love participating in a very traditional Japanese Tea ceremony while learning all about another culture so closely associated with tea drinking.

A bike tour is a richly rewarding slow travel, eco-friendly experience in the Kannan Devan Hills area. Ride on to Letchmi village for the sheer joy of soaking in the scenic beauty, the fresh mountain air and interfaces with the village community and tea folk.

The beautiful Eravikulam National Park, once the private hunting preserve of the British, is home to the endangered Niligiri tahr, a kind of wild goat. You will love to visit the game park for its rich biodiversity where you might enjoy viewings of the Atlas moth (largest in the world), lion-tailed macaque, small-clawed otter and occasionally the tiger or leopard. Every twelve years, the area looks like a blue carpet because of the mass flowering of Neelakurinji flowers, a very unique occurrence in these hills.

The USP of Kestrel’s programmes is that the activities are unique. And also because the stories behind each experience are narrated by well-experienced guides or interpreters. All the experiences offered by Kestrel Adventures are endemic to the region the team operates in. It’s a wonderful opportunity for a fun back-to-nature holiday in an exceptional way.

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