22 Jan 2021

Must-Have Culinary Experiences: 10 Tasty Ways To Explore India's Culinary Scene


Divided by language & borders, yet united by spices and cuisines - India will give you a hands-on culinary experience that goes far beyond simply dining at top-rated restaurants.

It is one thing to devour premade food in India, and another to prepare it yourself. Get a 360-degree insight into Indian cuisine, by trying to cook the trademark or niche dishes of the country.

If not a perfect taste, you'll be left with capturable memories. Let the spice, entice you, and bring the best out of the chef within you.

Here's how and where you can test and have a fun-ride with your culinary skills:

Learn The Art of Getting A Delhi Belly

Rather than materialistic things, take home a plethora of knowledge about Delhi's delicious food. Your trip to this city will be incomplete without exploring the food scene inside and out. You'll make unforgettable memories as you shop for ingredients in the local market and explore the ancient spices that are an indispensable part of Indian cuisine. Learn how to cook dishes from North, South, East, West, and Central India while interacting with your fellow travellers from around the world.

Lose yourself in the joyful vibe of this experience and take a closer look at the flavours, heritage, and culture of Delhi. Your task will be to prepare a 5-course menu that will consist of regional dishes from different Indian states. This hands-on experience of bringing tasty food to life will be an event of your trip, that you shall cherish forever.

Cook With The Locals, Like The Locals In Jaipur

The walled city of Jaipur opens you up to another realm of royalty and flavours. After exploring the breadth, you should explore the depth of the pink city. To get the best of the local life, you have to do things like the locals do. And what's the best way to integrate into a culture, if not through food?

Bonding over food is a thing in Jaipur. While you snack on the food, you can chat with the locals, and get a non-bookish, authentic perspective of the city. We think that the ideal way to indulge in the Jaipuri flair is to attend cooking classes at the place of the locals! Why the locals? Because rather than getting a mainstream recipe, you can get ancestral recipes and cooking techniques, exclusive to their family. Pretty indie, and low key, it will be a once in a lifetime experience for you.

Master The Taste Of Bengal

Learn from the locals in the city or the finest restaurants, the magic of Bengali food. Take your taste-buds on a fast car of spices, sweets, fish, and other authentic food that this city is famous for! Get ready for satisfying burps, and gastronomical imprints because once you explore the taste of Bengal, you'll be craving for more.

Walkthrough the markets, and buy ingredients that grasp your attention. Hog on the delectable sweets like Sandesh and Rasgulla on your way. Let the locals or the restaurants enlighten you about how a proper Bengali dish is prepared and the distinguished ingredients that make the taste so special.

The Biryani Challenge: Buy, Cook, & Eat like The Hyderabadis

The cuisine of Hyderabad is a beautiful mixture of flavours inspired by the Persians and Mughals, with a twist of local spices. They say that Biryani is not just merely food - it is a feeling, it is an emotion.

Indulge in the making of this classic Indian dish with the locals, and peek behind the curtain to know what makes this dish so special! You will also get to know more about the origins of Biryani, along with how and why it is prepared differently in various parts of India.

Chennai In A Platter

Action-packed films and a plethora of beaches are not the only things that make Chennai so charming. It's the distinct variety of spices in the South Indian cuisine which steals the show. From cardamom to turmeric, tamarind to coriander, ginger to asafoetida - the show stoppers of this cuisine are plenty. Let your experience of the Indian cuisine of the southern part of the country be a pragmatic one.

Step into an everyday Indian kitchen, and watch how experts transform raw material into yummy dishes. Witness the chefs in action, in their kitchen, and learn a bit or more if you wish to, about the various spices and how to use them properly. Perhaps, you can try your hand at one of the dishes being made?

If not cook, then make sure to savour the local Masala Dosa with Sambar and Chutney. South Indian food is made in several other parts of India, but to experience it in Southern India itself, is a joy.

Float In Flavors of the Queen of Arabian Sea

Cochin, also known as 'the Queen of Arabian Sea' is nestled in raw beauty. Nature shines in all its glory here, and the divinity can be felt in the food too! Influenced majorly by the Anglo-Indian community, that reigned in Cochin for more than 160 years, and were the Europeans who first settled in India. The influence of the culture along with Cochin's authentic culture has added uniqueness to the city that the others cannot match.

If you're a foodie or a history fanatic, then Cochin is just the place for you. Experience perfect hospitality and friendliness while watching delicious authentic food being made. Following the motto of 'Atithi Devo Bhava', which means 'the guest is equal to God' - the locals of this city will make you feel right at home. There are a lot of vegetarian options if you prefer that, and a lot of non-vegetarian options as well. You will relish items inspired by the Portuguese like Vindaloo, Grilled Sardines, Kerala Fish Curry, Coconut Rice, Crumb Chops, Ball Curry, and much more.

Socialize, blend in, taste whatever grasps your attention, and learn how to make mouthwatering dishes exclusive to Cochin. Get pumped up to feed your belly and mind in this city.

When In Kerala, Do As The Keralites Do

Ever wondered if fashion and food can be brought together? Stop wondering, because it is possible! Drape yourself in traditional dresses exclusive to Kerala, and also get a firsthand experience of the cuisine here! Go to the 60-year-old Heritage House, and take delight in the mouth-watering flavour of Kerala in your new attire. Sounds fun, right?

Here, you will be surrounded by dense fruit and crop trees, and a spacey garden with a lush lawn and veranda. If you go to a city and don't explore or experiment with the culture there, you will miss out. So, make sure that you scan the city to the core, and get the best of what it has to offer.

Food At The Scotland of India, Coorg

Also known as 'the Scotland of India', Coorg is a part of Karnataka and the biggest producer of coffee in the state. So, enjoy a cup of coffee fetched right from its source, and listen to the culinary tales of the district.

This district is famous for its Pandi/Pork Curry, hence, should be savoured at least once. You can interact with local families and ask one of them to teach you how to master some of the native delicacies. Then you can taste the fruit of your labour, with some exotic home-brewed wine! We are sure you will enjoy every moment of this experience and learn how to cook and eat like a local quickly.

If you're not sold yet, let us give you a picture - wood-fired stove, paired with a 100-year-old British style Bungalow and a warm Kodava host.

The district may be small, but it's unfathomable beauty, cuisine, and people will make your trip a grand one. 

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