Travellers around the world have long been taking home cherished memories of the ancient bastion of the Kachhwa rulers of Rajputana– famed for its tales of valour, chivalry, and amazing military prowess. Designed as a fabulous royal city to replace ancient Amer as its capital, Jaipur, the Pink City has played host to kings and potentates, celebrities, and jetsetters for decades. Both the city and its immediate surrounds continue to offer some of the most exciting historic and cultural experiences that make it such a huge draw. While there are all the traditional trappings of its history and heritage which hold such an allure, there are so many layers of one of India’s most popular destinations that demand to be uncovered up-close and personal.

Digvijay Singh Nathawat and his team at Offbeat Masters are always up to the challenge of curating some truly exceptional travel programmes to engage the visitors, seeking new ways to enjoy the city. The team, which hails from Jaipur itself, has spent an enormous amount of energy and done plenty of legwork exploring the streets of the old city, which results in making their tours unique and stand out from the regular tours offered for Jaipur.

As Digvijay reflects, Jaipur has many different sides, so it is very hard to choose the best ones for guests. They have handpicked different elements by keeping in mind the interest of the guests. These elements focus on photography, literature, food, architecture and many more, which take into account the interests of all manner of guests they cater to.

Rajasthan is the land of kings, and each city has its own king and their stories. Jaipur, being the capital of the state has its own charm and glory. If one talks about the old city, then Jaipur’s Old Quarter is the biggest and first planned city of its time. The old city of Jaipur is an acclaimed UNESCO-acclaimed World Heritage Site, which makes it even more attractive to guests. ‘Pink’, the all-pervading colour of the old city, also makes Jaipur unique among the other old cities of the state. Jaipur, with its strategic position on the legendary Silk Route in earlier times, has big markets which makes Jaipur the shopping hub of India.

The tours offered by Offbeat Masters basically focus on showing things from the ground level, which makes India so incredible, as a holiday destination. It’s been over eight years for them in serving the tourism industry and taking care of guests from all over the world; Through these experiences, they were able to suss out what were the elements that were missing from the itinerary of the guest, which they felt was very important. They were driven to intercept these missing factors and prepare the tours with a combination of different elements to show them the real India.

Digvijay is confident that for years to come their tours will be successful as they showcase India from many different perspectives. The Imaginatively designed experiences allow for a hearty sharing of visual splendour, great storytelling, amazing aromas and fragrances, community interactions, engagements with arts and crafts and whatever delights the heart and lifts the spirits.

The tours on offer already cover all the major elements which make a tour interesting and successful such as photography, literature, food, architecture, spiritualism, people and their work. All these things help guests get a deeper understanding about the city and what makes it tick. Much of this is filtered through the customs and traditions and lifestyle pursuits of the local communities.

Travellers have much to look forward to as these handpicked offbeat tours and bespoke travel enticements are the focal point for the firm, not just for Rajasthan, but even other attractive destinations across India.

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