Stressed out at work and home? Sleep deprived from anxiety of urban cares? Who says you can’t take time out for some TLC and pamper yourself in the heart of Nature’s pristine environs? And even if anyone does, just convince yourself–YOU NEED TO DO THIS! Deep down in the south you will find solace and serenity and dreamless sleeping moments in Kerala’s unspoilt forested expanses of Periyar. Accessible out of Thekkady in Idduky District the richly bio-diverse Periyar Tiger Reserve & Wildlife Sanctuary holds the promise of many memorable experiences which allow for zoning into the inner Zen in you. Soothed, mind, spirit, and body in sync, you’ll find sleep comes easily¬, whether you’ve had a full day on safari, trekking, boating–or spending time in less active pursuits or just lazing around in the resort of your choice.

Sleep Tourism will be globally trending this year and Periyar, in the southern reaches of the Western Ghats, is just the place to unwind and rest awhile from your everyday world. Abandon yourself to the healing powers of Nature, as whichever way you turn–your gaze falls upon the rich verdure of the beautiful Cardamom Hills where the tiger reserve is located. You may even discover being moved to practice some basic yoga and meditation, which allows your mind to empty itself of all else. And yes, it’s OK to take deep slow breaths to spoil your lungs, long unfamiliar with unpolluted air! You will be amazed at how energised and alert you’ll feel with that rush–of oxygen!

Dense evergreen forests stretch for about 360 sq. km of the entire expanse of the Periyar Valley, watered by the perennial 244 km long Periyar River. The protected environs of the Tiger Reserve are part of the ancient stamping grounds of vast herds of the Asiatic Elephant.The damming of the river has resulted in forming the beauteous Periyar Lake where you can savour moments idling on a bamboo raft or boat and possibly, sightings of elephant families enjoying a bath by the water’s edge. You might get lucky and get a sighting of the Royal Bengal Tiger, another endangered resident, while participating in The Periyar Tiger Trail a protection-oriented trekking programme. The summer days are particularly rewarding for this. Located in the heart of Periyar, the lake offers ample opportunities to delight in viewings of its avifaunal residents. You may find the local tribal folk fishing in the lake, as Periyar is home to many tribal communities, including the Mannans and the Palians. Unexpected up-close discoveries of local life await on the bullock cart tour in the area. These are the leisurely pursuits that are the heart of your time at Periyar, where you can even enjoy a trek along designated trails with a naturalist. And if you wish, you can even opt for an eco-centric camping experience for a couple of days in the forest itself. A very far cry from the world you are familiar with.

The healing ways of Nature can never be underestimated, and it is with joy that travellers are witnessing a global movement for sustainable, eco-friendly, and mindful travel experiences. Periyar unveils some of the most treasured aspects of this and you can bet when you are back home, rested, full of energy and ready to face the challenges of your world, you realise such retreats are better than that quick power nap!

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