Ignited by the astonishing natural beauty and culture and traditions, the tiny Himalayan kingdom of Nepal is a veritable treasure trove of delight for selfie buffs and compulsive instagrammers. There are at least 4 Iconic Selfie and Instagram Destinations of Nepal, which will ensure many return trips to this Himalayan country.

The national capital of Kathmandu is a great destination that is just the perfect subject for your social networking endeavours and Selfie and Instagram ops. What are unmissable are the amazing vignettes waiting to be captured on lens at its bustling bazaars, the street food culture–and the funky street art.

A far cry from traditional Malla-era art traditions that define Nepal’s Renaissance age, Kathmandu’s contemporary art scene is a riot of colours, creativity and symbolism that mirrors the many aspects of present-day concerns and life in Nepal. Kathmandu’s streets are the new canvases on which artists are writing exciting narratives with their paintbrushes, in projects such as Kolor Kathmandu and Prasad. Graffiti in Kathmandu took off in 2011 following a visit by international street artists. The thrilling new trend was quickly picked by the artists of Kathmandu who are now driving this movement with everything from organized community art events to city-wide arts projects. This head turning compelling art scene is a big hit with the trigger-happy Selfie and Instagram experts!

Kathmandu’s UNESCO-acclaimed Durbar Square offers fabulous selfie and Instagram ops. This lively cultural hub is a fantastic window to everyday Nepali life. Check out the line-up of old palaces and shrines and the rich architectural traditions of Nepal around the famous square. Keep that phone on video mode to capture this glorious nucleus of action, which is a magnet for locals and visitors alike. Keep your lens on full Instagram mode for that quick encounter with the legendary Kumari, Nepal’s virgin goddess, as she makes a brief darshan at a window in the Kumari Ghar, here, much to the delight and awe of devotees and tourists.

A visit to Everest Base Camp is sure to be embedded in your memory bank and Instagram records forever. Enjoy that great high for Selfies and Instagram shots of the fabulous champagne breakfast spread in plain sight of the world’s highest peak–Mount Everest, in the distance. Later, grab those unmissable moments in Nepal as defined by the thrilling Everest Mountain Flight, a flypast of its 20 attendant peaks.

Medieval Bhaktapur is your go-to destination for a more leisurely exploration of Nepali life. Capture the rich atmospherics of its old bazaars and quaint houses on winding streets. The old city, as one of the three legendary kingdoms of Nepal, once had a pivotal position on the trade route between Tibet and Nepal. Find your way to the Durbar Square and get some great shots of the glorious Newari woodwork embedded in the Palace of 55 Windows and the Golden Gate. Spend many Selfie and Instagram moments amongst the potters at Suryamadhi, located east of Dattatreya temple and square. Another good place is Talako’s Potter’s Square, south of  Bhaktapur Durbar Square. Revive yourself from all your endeavours with the famous Ju Ju Dhau (King Curd) of Bhaktapur.

Patan, or Lalitpur, is Nepal’s centuries old artisan hub. You are going to love the Selfie and Instagram ops here, as you move through the maze of streets watching the artisans at work. Patan is another excellent destination for you to experience Newari art and architecture. Mark time at the displays of vendors at the Mangal Bazaar held in the southeast corner of the square.

The Selfie and Instagram artist in you will go into overdrive as you capture some of the more unique experiences in Nepal’s Dhulikhel village. This is a destination you should not miss for its cultural delights. Set aside all preconceived notions as you take a deep dive into the supernatural world of shamanist Nepal. The villagers have a deep connection with the world of spirits through the jhakaris or shamans who act as a bridge between the two worlds. The jhakaris practice rituals for spirit possession, soul flight and ventriloquism. You will also witness an animistic ceremony conducted by the shaman to appease the spirits. Another unmissable experience is of the stunning sunrises you can capture before driving off to the Namo Buddha Monastery set atop a hill with magnificent views.

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