18 Feb 2021

Top Things To Do In chitwan


Chitwan is quite different from Kathmandu and Pokhara. It is home to two indigenous communities in Nepal as well as the first National Park in the country. The experiences you can have here is grounded in rustic charm yet full of fun and adventure. From jungle safaris to cycling tours through villages, the enthrals you with its varied charm.Great food, great outdoor experiences and dollops of history and culture awaits you in Chitwan. We have made the rounds and found you the best of every experience you can have in this land.

Culture Tour Through Tharu Villages

Tharu people are indigenous to Chitwan and some research suggests they are the descendants of the kingdoms that existed here when Buddha was born. A guided tour through these villages is like a trip down historic lanes that date back to thousands of years. Learn about their culture, history, and religion. Enjoy local cuisine, their traditional music, and other arts at leisure.

Chepang Hill Trek

This experience blends adventure and cultural explorations. Trek to the top of the Chepang Hill to enjoy breathtaking views of the sunrise and the panoramic sight of the Himalayas. Then proceed to visit a Chepang village. Chepangs are another indigenous group in Nepal. This isolated tribe has preserved their culture and traditions without much change for generations.

A Day with Elephants

Explore the wildlife and vegetation of the forest along with elephants. Take a walk with the mighty creatures and the mahouts. Observe the routines of the elephants, join the mahouts in caring for them. If you are lucky, you might spot other wildlife too.

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