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Quintessential Varanasi–North Walk


One of the world’s oldest cities, Varanasi, invites you to carefully, thoughtfully peel back those multiple layers of history and culture documented by its temples, holy ghats, the Ganga itself, its architecture, performing arts and of course, its fantastic food heritage. This tour opens up a small window to gain new insights into this deeply cultured city, and its importance in the fabric of India’s living traditions that go back many centuries.

Why you will love it

  • A compelling up-close and personal interface with old Benaras, the Varanasi of today, through its hidden shrines, mansions and vibrant bazaars
  • A study of architectural heritage and urban design from olden times
  • A first-hand encounter at a cremation ghat with the philosophy of the Hindu faith for the desire of moksha, or the release from the cycle of birth and rebirth to merge with the divine
  • Living the life of a Banarasi resident for sampling street food at vintage eateries

What you will experience

This leisurely stroll through the time-worn streets and peek-a-boo, shadow-n-sunlit alleyways leads up to some of the lesser-known temples and graceful havelis of yesteryears. Stop here a bit to just soak in the rich ambiance of the scene as local devotees arrive to pay their obeisance to the divinities as their ancestors have done at these old shrines. Gawk at the old-world architecture of these hidden havelis and ruminate over the stories about their past if stones could speak. From these serene environs, you will wend your way to the compelling hustle and bustle of the ancient bazaars vibrant with the hectic action of the flower sellers, utensil sellers and cloth merchants as they get down to the day’s business. At Manikaran Ghat, the philosopher in you emerges as you recall the role this hallowed cremation ghat plays for those of the Hindu faith who seek moksha (release from the cycle of birth and rebirth) in the fire of purification in death by the waters of the holy Ganga. In Benaras (Varanasi) do as the Benarsis do–Tuck into the delicious street food at vintage eateries, wash it all down with creamy cooling lassis (yoghurt drink) and chew on that iconic betelnut digestive–the Banarasi paan, which comes in many varieties of taste and textures.

On Request | 3 Hours | Walking Tours


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