• What is Alphonso Stories?
  • Why Choose Alphonso Stories?
  • How are we different?
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  • How we choose our community members?
  • Safety, Trust and Transparency
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What is Alphonso Stories?

Alphonso Stories is an exciting platform for experience curators to market the best unique stories in the select destinations. It is home to a collection of unique experiences that focus on mindful travel and the local, cultural, wellness and culinary facets of India, Nepal, Bhutan, and Sri Lanka. We are more of a community than a company. We bring together the very best of local experience curators under one roof, from food lovers to cyclists, archaeologists to artists. The idea behind Alphonso Stories is to make the familiar more exciting and the unfamiliar more approachable.

Why Choose Alphonso Stories?

Immersive, Authentic, and Personal… these are the values that are intrinsic to us. They are our guide and inspiration in all that we do – from our internal team and local hosts, to the experiences we market. We consolidate, promote, enhance, and showcase the finest collection of these riveting experiences to the world’s B2B network of travel agents.

We write stories, we create videos, we collaborate with influencers, creators, and brands – and that’s just the tip of the ice. We offer an exciting platform for our amazing community of experience curators to expand the footprint of their specially curated local slice of experiences.

We embark on purposeful journeys for creating a safe, creative, and growing space for the finest local experience providers, space which mirrors the trending interests of today’s travelers and from where your product reaches the target audience that you seek.

We are a value-enhancing bridge between the experience’s community and B2B network of travel partners.

How are we different?

We follow the model of SMILE – Smart Marketing Initiative for Local Experiences.

Our approach is to increase reach and visibility amongst DMC’s of Tier-2 and Tier-3 cities in India and educate the global B2B tour operators about this community. We do not overlap with any business model and our team only seeks to educate tour operators on these experiences without hampering their relationships with DMC`s. We are a marketing brand and are not into sales. Our core philosophy is to create product awareness, not interfere with the booking mechanism.

Our collection and selection of experiences are unique, best in the city with no overlapping products. We can proudly affirm that the community on Alphonso stories understands the needs of today’s travellers and is the best in showcasing the finer points of its cities and segments.

We are exclusively in the B2B marketing channel; this thus differentiates us from all the existing B2C portals – and also, we never overlap any experience in any segment, which makes us unique and a specialist in this segment.

Alphonso Stories covers 400+ experiences, 04 countries (India, Nepal, Bhutan and Srilanka) and a community of 40 experience curators/specialist. All our partners are experts in their chosen segment and region.

How can you join us?

Our model is subscription-based and synergy- oriented. We are the extended marketing arm of our experience community. The process is simple; just connect with us through our Join us Page, on our website – or email us, and our team will get in touch with you.

Your experience should fall into the categories listed below:

  • Not overlapping with any existing product on Alphonso.
  • You understand the expectations of B2B business and today’s travellers' needs.
  • You are passionate about your products.
  • Your experiences should showcase a slice of local life and colour.

If you find us unique and passionate, do contact us!

How we choose our community members?

For us, passion, care, trust, transparency, vision, a convivial outlook, and synergy are the key to joining our community. We handpick like-minded partners to joyfully sync ourselves with their marketing needs. In turn, they trust us to increase their visibility amongst diverse target audiences and gain a competitive edge over the competition.

Safety, Trust and Transparency

We respect and support all business models but never overlap our activities into any other existing business. We work with trust and transparency in all our marketing initiatives and keep our community in the loop about all our initiatives and efforts.

Our collection is truly local, supporting regional communities and falls in the category of sustainable and responsible travel practices. All our curators offer activities which fall in the desired health and safety parameters.

Our success is all around the confidence of our community and network in us.

Booking process.

We do not book any experiences directly; we educate and connect the tour operators (locally and globally) to link up with experience curators or their DMC`s in the respective country of their interest, to include the activities in their brochures, itineraries, and ad hoc enquiries.

GDPR and Data Protection.

Our community understands the GDPR restriction and privacy policies. No data is shared with anyone and each of these members of our community follows globally accepted GDPR policies.

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