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The street food trail in Ahmedabad is an evocative experience which is not only rich in atmospherics it also sums up a slice of culinary traditions that are integral to its cultural roots. What is quite interesting is it is a world where tradition, the individual talent and contemporary needs collide here …yet manage to live along quite harmoniously – The binding force, of course, is the Ambdavadis love of food. Anything else can take a back seat when they are indulging in their favourite pastime. As we said – Food is serious business here and very dear to the heart… at home or on the streets. It comes as no surprise then that Ahmedabad has been a pioneer in creating its own varieties using cheese and chocolate! Just to share a little morsel of culinary lore – It is said that Ahmedabad has the highest per capita consumption of ice-cream in India.

  • This tour takes you to the best of street food places in Ahmedabad, which are hygienic, safe, and yummiest!!!
  • Popular street food joints
  • This tour can be designed as per your choice of food preference
  • We start our culinary odyssey in the streets of Ahmadabad with a spicy appetiser – the iconic pani puri, which goes by several other names in street food culture in many parts of India. We get to try 3 to 4 different flavours of pani puri.  Our next stop offers something more substantial. This is a roadside sandwich joint where we get to try a variety of sandwich fillings such as aloo matter, chutney, cheese, even chocolate (!) or combination of all four (!). The stall next to it sells one of India’s most abiding street snacks – vada pao. Wash it all down with a soft drink and get ready for more…much more!

    Now you get to sample pizza – Ahmedabad style –l welcome to the charms of Amdavadee style bhakree pizza, plied with lashings of cheese on the top. Surely there’s some dessert along the way? Ah yes! How about the traditional hand-made sancha ice-cream or kulfi? Amdavadee love it!  And you must have the ubiquitous digestive Magai Paan, which scents the mouth and settles the tummy!

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