Café Crawl

Fort Kochi is known for its variety of café ranging from the old traditional bakery-style cafes to the trendy modern cafe that offer you a cuppa. We take you to a slew of handpicked cafes where meet their owners who share glimpses of Kochi's past and the reasons why the café culture is so important to the locals. Try a wide selection of coffees and teas and get to know the backstory of the age-old commodity trade in Kochi. It is a tour we promise you will not fall asleep with caffeine for the company!

  • Exploring the great importance of café culture in Kochi and its contributions to preserving its heritage
  • Discovering Kochi through its cafes
  • Meeting local café owners and enjoying their stories of this port town

Accompanied by a local expert will discover the story of the Kochi through its cafes. There are four handpicked cafes from which we will how the building, the produce, and the people involved with them have shaped Kochi's history. Having imbibed of this deep insight into Kochi's traditions we head for another café located in a restored colonial-era building; we will learn here how the cafe scene has played a pivotal role in preserving the architectural heritage of Fort Kochi. Having settled down in a local tearoom we will look forward to being regaled with stories by the owner of how commodities like tea and pepper have shaped Kochi's history. At the tail end of our tour, we stop at an art cafe and discover how the art scene in Kochi has led to a mushrooming of cafes in the city. The tour winds up at a 300+ year old spice warehouse which has been restored as a cafe and an art space.

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