Street Food Walk – Kebab and Curry Walk

Mumbai streets throb with an exhilarating blend of food and culture. Culinary adventures are waiting to be discovered at every turn of this bustling metropolis. Discover the city's pulse at Mohammad Ali Road, the Mecca of Mumbai street food where humble restaurants jostle for attention with street stalls that offer you a mouth-watering variety of meaty treats.

This food walk takes you on a journey through the winding lanes of Mohammad Ali Road and Bohri Mohalla, where you get to sample time-honoured delicacies and explore the communities that have shaped Mumbai’s food history.

  • Eat like a local to truly appreciate the Mumbai culture.
  • Explore the city’s prominent landmark street food destinations.
  • Discover the precinct’s historic communities and interact with locals to learn more about their culture.
  • Visit the precinct’s iconic and well-known establishments to experience first-hand delicacies they have been dishing out for decades. From skewered kebabs and spicy curries to colourful sweets, treat your taste buds to throwback classics and feel yourself step back to a simpler yet exotic time.

    A walk through Bohri Mohalla will introduce you to the namesake Bohra Muslims, a business community that found its way to India from Yemen in the 16th century. Dig into their history as you savour quintessential Bohri delicacies such as the 12 pot curry, sherbets, chana batata, boti kebab, seekh kebab. Walk into the legendary Taj Ice Cream, a parlour that has been churning handmade ice-cream for over a century.

    The next stop is Noor Mohammadi, the famous hole-in-the-wall restaurant that most Mumbaikars swear by. Here you will have a tryst with Bollywood and try the ‘Chicken Sanju Baba’, a dish named after the Bollywood star Sanjay Dutt.

    The last stop will be Minara Masjid, a sweet lover’s paradise. Colourful barfis, creamy firnis and a classic called Aflatoon, Minara will let you indulge your sweet tooth as you soak in the surroundings frozen in a snapshot of a bygone era.

    You will want more, but we doubt your appetite will be too pleased with the idea!

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