23 Jul 2021

Best Things to do in Goa


If ever you find yourself in this land of sun, sand, and pristine beaches, rest assured there are endless things to do in Goa, which keep you hooked for years with its many enchantments.

A Walk with Goa’s Past

One of the first things to do in Goa is to get acquainted with its tumultuous history and heritage, which provides a beginner’s guide to many wonderful things you will discover about what makes it tick. And so, shake hands with Goa of yesteryears when you walk the talk on a guided tour in Panjim’s UNESCO acclaimed World Heritage Site, the Fontainhas area - also known as the Latin Quarter of Goa. Unspool Portugal’s deep influences on India in this coastal enclave, where the past and present merge seamlessly together now. Panjim emerged as ‘Nova Goa’ on the collapse of the old capital of Old Goa when it was devastated by an epidemic. Things to do in Goa in this historic enclave include visiting some traditional heritage homes and owners who will share their stories.


Chorao - Heritage Island of Goa

Go back in time to Portuguese Goa from a different perspective as you take that boat ride to Ilhas Dos Fidalgos (The Island of the Noblemen) and its vast mangroves. Some of the things to do in Goa, a popular heritage island, are to learn a lot from the birdman of Chorao. Find out about the concepts of Manos (Sluice gates) and Bandhs (Bunds) and take time out to visit one of the rare temples dedicated to Krishna and his biological mother, Devaki. And there are also 16th-century churches, convents, and the cemetery if you are looking for more things to do in Goa on this island.

Slow-paced Saipem

Gorgeous Goa has long been a magnet for its Utopian enchantments and laid-back life away from the ritzy party scene. To see this side of Goa, head out for quaint little Saipem with its pastoral vistas and humble dwellings. This slow-paced world shows you there are other things to do in Goa— like following an E-bike trail along the traditional village routes, getting a sneak peek into the daily occupations of this pastoral world, popping into an old Indo-Portuguese home known for making feni from olden times— and a visit to the Goa’s iconic Church of Saligao.

The liberal hospitality of the people of Goa, the amazing culinary offerings and the rich heritage of its monuments and shrines and forests provide countless diversions for even the most restive souls.

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