Susegad Saipem - North Goa

Ever wanted to go back in time to a simpler life? Then quaint little Saipem is where you need to be. It picturesque pastoral vistas and humble dwellings offer the rich atmospherics of a gentler, slower world where one can seek solace in the simpler things of life and return to our everyday world, with revived spirits and a new lift in our step. The lovely setting of the villages of Parra and Saligao are indeed conducive to this Wordsworthian pastoral vision and this tour is sure to turn out to be an irresistible treat for the modern mind.

  • Pristine E-bike trail along the traditional village routes.
  • Sneak peek into the local traditional occupations of Goa.
  • Visiting an Indo-Portuguese house with an ancient history of making wines.
  • Exploring the Portuguese design and architecture of Saligao village.
  • Visiting a remarkable church in Saligao.

Our tour begins at Saipem through the traditional routes and khazans of Goa. Along the way we will enjoy some exquisite aspects of traditional Portuguese architecture, in particular, in some of the beautiful chapels, we encounter along the way, as we ride through narrow by-lanes towards Saligao village. 

Having enjoyed our explorations of some of the Portuguese houses in the area, we ride on to the famous Salmona Spring where we can catch our breath and enjoy some lively selfie moments. On the ride back we will stop by at a historical Indo-Portuguese house belonging to the oldest Feni distillers in Goa. This should turn out to be quite a fun affair as you learn all about the making processes of Goa’s legendary alcoholic beverage. Moving from the world of the temporal allurements we wind our way to a more spiritual engagement at the iconic Church of Saligao.

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