25 Oct 2021

Meaningful Travel Experiences in Goa


India’s tourism sector relies heavily on its astonishing and unique endowments of biodiversity, forests, rivers, and its rich culture and heritage. Today, travellers are spoilt for choice when it comes to opting for meaningful travel experiences that are driven by the principles of sustainable tourism for rewarding journeys of the unique kind.

The Allurements of Goa’s Divar Island

Run away from the noisome hubs of Goa’s popular beaches and bazaars and take the slow boat to tranquil Divar Island. Steady your heartbeat as you soak in the healing expanses of greens and laid back paces of village life as you cross the Mandovi River to this pretty retreat. Pedal your way through enchanting country roads that lead to hidden churches and yesteryear architectural structures. Travel past paddy fields, past ancient mangroves, old fishing settlements and little shrines. Watch the fisherman arrive with the day's catch and make the most of your bird book and bionics following the plentiful bird life in this avian paradise.

Eco-friendly boat cruise

You will never forget this awesome experience of your boat ride on Goa’s lovely Chapora River. Organized by Konkan Explorer the experience involves all kinds of exciting aqua activities on the tour such as kayaking, sailing and swimming. What’s also an added plus is that the team of explorers is mindful of the environment and safety of everyone who sets foot on their boat. Enjoy a lazy time listening to music, bird watching and eating some yummy food. The boat halts mid-river where you can try your hand at kayaking through the silences of the surreal landscape of the mangrove forests.

It is important that on your travels anywhere in this beautiful country that you invest in sustainable practices when it comes to conserving local resources, valuing local culture and tradition and contributing to the local economy in whatever manner you can.

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