05 Aug 2022

Empowering Female Travelers: Unforgettable Adventures Crafted by Inspiring Women


Calling all feisty adventurers, eco-responsive travellers, and even restless social butterflies! Are you aware that there are women travel curators who have come up with some of the most thrilling experiences for those women who love the joy of travelling as singletons?

There’s also the unspoken promise that you are sure to return home stimulated and revitalised– and hungry again to hit the trail for newer pastures.

Singleton women travellers approach the idea of travel with a completely different mindset, say if they were travelling with family or friends. For one, they can do as they please, go where they please, experience the local experiences they want to and mingle with whom they wish to. Such untrammelled freedom gives you such an unimaginable high and can sure become addictive.

What adds that extra edge to this experience is that these tours are led by women, who themselves have been inspired by their own travel experiences and have an excellent understanding of what it takes to keep their singleton women travellers happy, rewarded and satisfied.

So next time, all you singleton women travellers out there do whatever it takes to go where you want to go – just link up with these amazing travel curators who have the pulse of what makes you tick on your travels. Driven by their own dreams, determination, and curiosity they have charted a new course of expertise to achieve this with you in mind.

Your exposure to new places, sites, cultures, cuisine, and communities assures that these uplifting journeys not only open up the windows of your mind but also shape the person you will be from now on… that itself can be a liberating thought when setting out as a singleton woman traveller.

Hyderabad Hype

Join Jonty of Detours Tours as she takes you around the history and heritage steeped city of Hyderabad. The richest kingdom in its heyday in India, the Hyderabad of the Nizams carries the weight of its legends and historic splendour lightly on its shoulders. It’s past and present are companionable travellers who have traversed the march of time in complete empathy. This is the Hyderabad that Jonty introduces you to as you delve deep into the Old Quarter and mingle with the locals at the historic sites, ancient havelis and packed bazaars, gorge on traditional biryanis and visit the weavers of the exquisite art of ikat in the nearby villages of Pochampally and Koyalgudem. And for the more adventurous at heart, you can go rock climbing on granite rocks dating back to over 2.5 billion years, on the outskirts of the city.

Pondicherry calling

In the seaside town of Pondicherry, steeped in its French-Tamil culture join Sita Cultural Centre’s Fleur’s culinary adventure where you even learn to cook a Pondy-style Creole meal – Though it has nothing to do with the way the American south knows Creole cooking, this is truly a dish unique to Pondicherry as it is inspired by two of the world’s most exciting culinary cultures. To add that extra twist to the tale Pondy’s Creole food also carries nuances of Portuguese, Dutch and, in some dishes, Vietnamese and Bengali! Sita Cultural Center is an all-in-one space where all the culture and arts lovers can find an experience which suits their taste. You will love the thrilling Pondy Cycle Tour to explore the riches of this culturally hyped city. You can immerse yourself in the colonial Pondicherry even as you thrill to discoveries of its modern face. From wine and cheese tasting sessions, a ‘petanque’ game initiation or French sweet treats tour you will love dig deeper into the novel experiences Fleur and her team initiate. Guests keep coming for the great atmosphere and the family sense they have at Sita.

Shekhawati Adventures

Mallyka of A Baisa’s Adventures, noblewoman from Rajasthan’s royal lineage, offers transforming experiences as she guides you through the unique offerings of her hometown Dundlod, in the Shekhawati region – Rajasthan open-air art gallery. Listen to her stories of the fortress that is her home and allow her to handhold you as she introduces you to, and guides you how to ride, her beloved Marwar horses, a unique breed from Rajasthan. Savour the immersive experiences she shares with you of meeting local potters and the Manihar artisans, who will teach you their ancestral craft of lac bangle making.

Celebrate singleton travel as a woman of deep curiosity, of restless hunger for adventure and desire to gobble up experiences that will shape the person you want to be for years to come. Connect with those amazing women who will take you places and open up opportunities to do just that on your travels.

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