Creole Cooking Class

When Tamil spices and chicken do a French twist, what do you get? Our very own version of Creole cuisine!

Pondicherry’s Creole cuisine shouldn’t be confused with what you will find on the eat streets of Louisiana in America. In fact, Pondicherry’s version of Créole food is very much about the amalgamation of French and Tamil food. But there’s another twist to the tale, Pondy’s Creole food also carries nuances of Portuguese, Dutch and, in some dishes, Vietnamese and Bengali!

The French ruled here for 280 years and political machinations were surely the root of the blending of culinary narratives. It’s no secret that one may find a French dish, say chicken, is marked by the grammar of Tamil spices in Franco-Tamil Creole offering. The patrons were encouraged to try the new offerings and this spiralled into a niche area in culinary Pondicherry.

  • An opportunity to discover the amalgamation of two great culinary streams
  • Exploring the historical ties between Tamil Nadu and France
  • Checking out the offerings and atmospherics of Gourmet Market
  • Learning to cook a Franco-Tamil Creole meal

A cooking lesson on the Creole cuisine is a must-do when in Puducherry, the Pondicherry of yesteryears. Hop on to an auto to pick your choice of meat or vegetables at the famous Goubert Market and learn about the variety of masalas. A visit to this atmospheric market is always a thrill as so much is happening all around you. It’s a wonderful journey picking and choosing ingredients for a Creole meal from the great variety of produce on sale —from fresh vegetables to meat, fish and poultry.

Head back to learn how to make a salad, a starter, a main course, and a dessert. End the session by digging into the tasty meal cooked by you with Manisha's help in a cosy garden.

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