18 Feb 2022

Top Glamping Experiences in Sri Lanka’s Wildlife Parks


Wildlife enthusiasts can look forward to some of the most rewarding and memorable encounters in the wilderness spaces on land or in the ocean in Sri Lanka. Get set to zero in on the fabulous denizens on terra firma such as the Asiatic elephant, the leopard, sloth bears, and in the ocean wilds–the blue whale and sperm whale. Birding buffs will not be disappointed either, for Sri Lanka has a wealth of avifaunal species to keep them happy for hours on end with birdbook and binocs.

The icing on the cake is that are several professional outfitters who pull out all the stops by arranging exceptional luxury–filled glamping (as in sahib-style camping) experiences to further enhance your wild adventures. From swanky, aircon tents with attached loos with showers, wi-fi and power supply for laptops and cameras, to delicious drinks and food, and an expert naturalist for the actual safari, get ready for an out of the world wilderness experience at some of the world’s top game parks and ocean settings.

Have a ‘Whale’ of a time

As short drive from the historic coastal town of Galle stretches an expanse of ocean near Mirissa village is the haunt of species such as the blue whale, Bryde's whales and sperm whale, often attended by schools of playful dolphins! The best time of the year for this is November to April, because it’s around the time when the species run, or rather swim, away from the cold weather conditions of the southern hemisphere to the warmer feeding waters of the Bay of Bengal. Keep your eyes peeled for other inhabitants such as orcas, and species of dolphins such as the spinner, striped, spotted, and bottlenose.

Elphantastic Summer Retreat

Each year a unique natural phenomenon unravels in the fantastic forestlands of Sri Lanka’s Minneriya National Park. This is the great gathering of elephants, over 300 of them that instinctively arrive at the vast water reservoir which appears to be their summer retreat! During the hot, dry season, between July and October, the embankments of this ancient reservoir, set up by King Mahasen in the 2nd Century CE, becomes a theatre of unforgettable scenes. Considered being the venue for the highest concentration of wild Asian elephant in the world, the large lake offers a fantastic window to the world of elephants. Watch babies being nursed, cuffed like some naughty child for straying from the herd; watch the elders gambol like children in the water, feeding on the rich grass, mating, head banging, socializing and having a jolly good time.

Leopard’s Lair

Don’t miss an opportunity to visit the world’s top venue for of leopard-spotting. Sri Lanka’s gorgeous Yalla National Park is the stunning habitat for the world’s largest concentration of leopards. Leopards found in Sri Lanka, being a subspecies of the leopard’s family and called ‘panthera pardus kotiya’ are the largest of the species; it is the apex predator of Sr Lanka’s tropical jungles.The best place for sightings is Plot No. 1 at Yala.

With over 25 national parks, over 60 bird sanctuaries and 90 species of mammals, Sri Lanka is haven for the wildlife enthusiasts and three is no doubt that these allurements are going to have you packing your bags to return many times to enjoy the wonders of the top 10 bio diversity hotspots in the world here. You will also just love the incredible steps taken to recapture the original spirit and true essence of safari, reminiscent of a golden era–an era of elegance, romance and adventure, through the fabulous glamping experiences on offer around the game parks from experts in the adventure business.

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