17 Jun 2022

Roobaroo Walks: When Authenticity Shapes Your Travels


Discoveries in the new places always have an interesting edge if we see this through the eyes of someone for whom travel isn’t and can’t be just about ticking some destinations off the bucket list. It’s one of the reasons why travelling with Anchal and Aayush of Roobaroo Walks can be such a fun thing to do. Their spirited approach to deep-under-the-surface opening up a destination, even for repeat visitors, speaks highly of their understanding of the curious traveller. That Roobaroo has the ability to pull off such exciting experiences is a huge part of their success story. And its best reflected in the over 1,600+ Heritage Walks that they have conducted over time for over 5,000 travellers from 45+ nationalities.

On your journeys with Roobaroo Walks, you can always expect the unexpected. It’s what spices up your holiday memories with an insider’s peek into local culture and community lifestyles.

The range of tour programmes on offer mirrors the fact they have their finger on the pulse of both the destination and the traveller. This is also what requires them to be pretty sharp about reading even the hidden interests of people, on the basis of their personalities to give a holiday experience that works best for them.

It may not be rocket science, yet at the same time everything is so personalised. And that’s because every situation and traveller’s needs bring fresh challenges to create a memorable journey.

This is what really wins the hearts of the traveller. Firstly, holidays are such a precious space in time for us; and secondly, we want to get the happiest, most satisfying memories as takeaways.

The sources of information today, for a traveller, are through social media influencers, Google Search, YouTube Videos, etc. All of which may not always speak to interests of a person, but to the allure of the destination and luxury experiences. To tap into creating a space for themselves as the go-to people for wonderful holidays, Roobaroo Walks relies a lot on its Recommendation Score. This reflects how past guests are happy to send like-minded people to them. To enhance Roobaroo’s standing in their area of travel, there’s a lot of focus centred on partnerships in the travel recommendation space and interest matching platforms.

Increasingly, travellers want to delve deeper into both the familiar and offbeat - and Roobaroo’s insightful Storytellers enjoy sharing the city’s best-kept secrets. Sustainable Tourism is a driving force that is gaining momentum in travel all over the world; and this is where Roobaroo people also score high as they facilitate those activities that benefit the local community - and open up genuine cultural exchanges.

Travellers are quite familiar with the idea of exploring nature and built up heritage in the traditional way. But travelling with Roobaroo is also shaped by what Anchal and Aayush were seeking in their personal travel experiences. This was more about authentic settings and stories, historical stories and insights, people and culture. And as individuals, they felt this to be an essential component of unwinding and enriching one - and wanted to share that love with everybody.

The Indian culture space is fast evolving, and every few years you lose an authentic artisan of a particular art or crafts practice, a story or a physical setting of a particular practice, some of which can be crucial in understanding an idea of the local culture.

This is what keeps them on their toes to keep looking for more and more authentic custodians of these traditions’ bearers and more and more interesting ways to put across these precious experiences to guests.

Excellent examples of these are a very traditional mud-wrestling session at a Kushti Akhara with Pehelwans in Amritsar. One can even try and get involved in a bout with a local wrestler here. It’s wonderful to get an opportunity to enjoy an authentic experience sharing time over lunch at a princely estate in Lucknow. Soaking up the sights and sounds of the atmospheric riverside temples, sacred ghats and bazaar scene on the Essential Varanasi Walk, is an enriching allurement on offer for all age groups. The mysticism and sacred splendour of the Kumbh Experience conducted in 2019 will always remain the most cherished high point of Roobaroo’s mindfully curated travel offerings. Guests can look forward to many such magical moments and memorable holidays.

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