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Essential Amritsar Walk - rise of a new star in Punjab


It is the spiritual and temporal fount of one of India’s most vibrant communities— the Sikhs. Amritsar, that ancient hub of commercial enterprise, political upheavals, cultural splendour and deep spirituality since the days of Maharaja Ranjit Singh.

The spirit of entrepreneurship and resilience in the face of insurmountable circumstances has shaped the approach of Amritsar’s world-view. Witness to the worst political machinations and the sundering of Punjab apart (during which the city saw the worst atrocities of the great migration as a border town) it has risen from the ashes of Partition and created many narratives of success.

Amritsar is an engaging world of sensory delights—from its delicious creamy lassis to its stunning gem-encrusted jadau jewellery— from its vibrant Phulkari chaadars to its smoky hot bhartas and bhaturas. And what better a time to enjoy that divine, but sinful white butter on makki di roti with sarson da saag— than those cold winter days anticipating the lyrical delights of the Lohri Festival.

Why you will love it

  • Rooftop view of the Golden Temple,
  • Santokhsar Gurudwara – which was intended to be the original site for the main pond, until a most fascinating deviation,
  • Qila Alhuwalia – an 18th-century fortress of Alhuwalia missal converted into a market for the Jain community,
  • Colourful markets of Choodas, Brass utensils and Papad; Workshops of Amritsari cotton shawls, Moong daal,
  • Lassi, Kulche-Chole at vintage food joints.

What you will experience

The walk introduces you to Amritsar’s history, heritage and vibrant culture while wandering through its colourful alleyways, bustling markets, and fascinating hidden gems - such as a rooftop view of the Golden Temple, a banyan tree that lives inside multiple houses, a workshop handcrafting the famous Amritsari shawls, a factory making the famous Amritsari Papad and Wadiyan, and more!

INR 1500 per person | 3 hours | Walking Tours

Amritsar,India | +91 9818 401 791

Images Credit - Roobaroo Walks

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