01 Dec 2021

Family Friendly Activities in Sri Lanka and Bhutan


Holidaying with family and exploring new worlds offers an exceptional opportunity for bonding and learning adventures. What makes these experiences even more magical is that they are played out against the background of countries that are legend for their hospitality, fabulous physical beauty, intriguing culture, and rich historical importance. Sri Lanka and Bhutan are the perfect treasure troves for such memorable moments for everyone in the family.

Sri Lanka

Galle Fort Treasure Hunt

An exciting history-n-heritage driven adventure awaits families at the Portuguese-era fort of Galle in Sri Lanka. Not only is the exploration of this UNESCO World Heritage a superb window into Sri Lanka’s colonial past, but what’s also even more fun is that it revolves around a treasure hunt, complete with clues to discover its gems of history. It’s the perfect adventure for families who enjoy the thrill of a game… of winners and losers–and serves as another bonding platform.

Built in 1588, Galle Fort was also in time held by the Dutch and English, and what you will also love is that the walled town itself is pretty much like it was back in colonial times. You will make a full circuit around the Fort for a complete experience. The treasure hunt is filled with clues that reveal many interesting aspects of the architecture, culture, and life in this historic town. What you will also enjoy are the culturally rich atmospherics of the town and its vibrant, self-contained, multi-ethnic, and multi-religious society.


Time out with a Bhutanese farmer and his family

While most on holiday families tend to live in Bhutan’s beautiful towns, a pretty unique experience is spending time at a typical Bhutanese farm and sharing the daily rhythms and routines of a farmer and his family. This can be richly rewarding because not only is it a lot of fun, but it’s also a great learning experience of another culture as well. The gorgeous Paro valley is the ideal spot to spend time at a local working farm. You can get under the skin of this experience, which also involves donning the traditional clothes worn by the local farmers and then heading out with your host to the fields to spend a typical day of the farming community. When the day’s work is done, you will all return to the farmer’s home, wash up with a traditional hot stone bath. This is followed by having a hilarious time helping in the kitchen, and with some hits and misses (!) learning to prepare an authentic Bhutanese farm dinner. When all is done, you will all sit down together with the farmers and their families and share the meal over conversations and joyful camaraderie–washing it all down with Ara, the local rice wine.

So next time you want to go on a family holiday, do plan on doing something unique, which will be a joyful talking point in the family for years to come.

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