Farmhouse visit with Bhutanese dinner with a local family

When in Bhutan do as the Bhutanese farmers do. Here is a wonderful opportunity to the life of a farmer, enjoying that culturally enriching experience from morning to night. Right from wearing the local attire, joining the men in the fields and then returning home to learn to cook and enjoy the meal with the family and their friends out in the fields, you are going to have lots of fun in this learning experience.

  • Learn about indigenous Bhutanese farming culture in the fields with the farmers.
  • Opportunity to learn from the cooking demo
  • Enjoying the camaraderie of a Bhutanese farmer family over a nice meal cooked together

This tour fulfils your desire to learn first-hand what makes Bhutan’s farming community tick. Dressed in the traditional attire of the framers you will adjourn to the fields and get a glimpse of the daily routine and what all it involves. Returning to the traditional home you can enjoy a hot stone bath, learn to cook a traditional meal with red rice and local spices. End a fruitful day in the fields sharing an authentic Bhutanese farm dinner with the farmers and their families, washing it all down with Ara, the local rice wine. While the experience remains authentic, a lot of western amenities have been made available for the comfort of their guests.

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