With its unparalleled natural landscapes, its little wonder that Bhutan has started offering adventure buffs a slew of nature-centric adventures— There is some hard-core adrenalin pumping stuff, and there are some which are more staid in comparison but absolutely thrilling simply because one is venturing into some unique explorations.

First off is, of course, White Water Rafting. Though access is difficult for white water rafting on Bhutan’s wild rivers because of the steep terrain, there are some really thrilling experiences in-store on a few rivers that are more tame and conducive for the sport. The beauty of it is on the quieter paces you can feast your eyes on the scenic splendor all around you. In Punakha district, the Pho Chhu River has a tougher course of 9 rapids varying from Grade 2 – 3+ scattered over 10 km, while the Mo Chhu offers a gentler pace with about 10 km of 10 rapids that are at Grades 1 – 2+.


Though again the terrain often plays spoilsport, mountain biking is a relatively new activity to enjoy in Bhutan. You are sure to become addicted to the high energy of the ride and the scenic splendour of the routes you will follow on the mountain back roads, farm trails or forested glades in these gorgeous environs. An average cycling tour lasts about five hours, so that makes it a do-able adventure activity and lots of fun at the same time.

The plenitude of fish and their infinite varieties in Bhutan’s rivers are a dream come true for fly fishing buffs, anglers and the like. Despite the official policy of catch and release for fly- fishing – the magic of fishing in these under-discovered and unspoiled fishing spots is immeasurable. The most famous species are the brown trout, snow trout and the iconic golden mahseer in southern Bhutan.

A hike along the old tracks taken by yak herders through lush forests can unleash your imagination as you set out to reach Jele Dzong, located on a high ridge. The journey is very much the destination here…with the added bonus of soaking up the nuances of history and religious icons of the fortress.

Visiting a hot spring in Bhutan offers an excellent opportunity to revitalize yourself while participating in a typical Bhutanese wellness experience. The Gasa hot springs in the Punakha district feature bath houses with mineral waters that can vary in temperature and different medicinal properties.

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