White Water Rafting

Because of the steep terrain, and access difficult, white water rafting on Bhutan’s wild rivers is not viable, but now one can enjoy a superb range of thrilling experiences on a few rivers that are more tame and conducive for the sport.  Through the quieter moments of the ride on the waters, one can feast one’s eyes on the scenic splendour rushing by on the embankments. You can also enjoy some nice photops of the stunning architecture of Punakha Dzong. Rapids can range anything between Grade 2 and Grade 4, allowing rafters of varied skills to enjoy the adventure at their pace. The most popular options are the Mo Chu (female river) and Pho Chu (male river), in Punakha district.

  • Thrill to some adrenalin pumping moments on Bhutan’s glorious waterways
  • Varying rapids offered between the course on Mo and Pho Chu
  • Enjoying the up-close and personal experience of Bhutan’s legendary natural beauty

Our explorations of Bhutan’s natural beauty don’t just mean enjoying the ‘still life (s)’ its glorious vistas present us. This wild adventure tour allows us to plunge into the thrills of the fast and furious energy of its beautiful waterways – the Mo and Pho Chhu Rivers which are attracting a lot of attention from adventure buffs. At the point both rivers debouche into the stunning Devil’s Gorge, the turbulent flow of the Mo Chhu provides about 10 km of 10 rapids that are at Grades 1 – 2+. As it’s a gentler course, children to find it quite fun. Look for sightings of migratory birds along the embankments and a view of the royal palace along the 10 km course of this adventure, On the other hand, the Pho Chhu River has a much tougher course of 9 rapids varying from Grade 2 – 3+ scattered over 10 km. You’ll also be passing under the longest wooden suspension bridge in Bhutan,  which can be found in this course.

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