01 Sep 2021

Four Fabulous Cultural Experiences You Will Love in Sri Lanka


Four Fabulous Cultural Experiences You Will Love in Sri Lanka

The strong pull of Sri Lanka's history and heritage has transformed into one of the most generous cultural landscapes to explore. It's not only the island- nation's deep Buddhist past which snags the visitor's interest; its fantastic natural beauty summons up visions of the great riches of its spice and tea trade— and its dazzling culinary diversions.

Three Temple Loop

Visitors to Kandy will generally make sure the "Three Temple Loop" is at the top of their bucket list. The beauty of this trail is that one gets to see Gadaladeniya Viharaya, Embekke, and Lankathilaka, amongst Sri Lanka's most ancient and exciting temples, in one swoop. The other big attraction is that all three lie very close to each other in the splendiferous environs of the Central Highlands. You will be bowled over by the exquisite craftsmanship dating to Sri Lanka's Gampola era and the early foundations of Buddhism on this spice island. On your way to the Embekka Devalaya, you can hop off for a quick tour of the coffee, tea and pepper plantations that abound here.

UNESCO- acclaimed Anuradhapura

There's no way you will be visiting Sri Lanka and not have a date with historic Anuradhapura. Hop on to a bike and set off for this fabulous World Heritage Site that dates back to the 4th century BCE. The citadel of Anuradhapura was the spiritual and secular nerve centre of Sri Lanka for well over a millennium. From centuries ago, one of the world's continuously inhabited cities is beloved for 2000-year-old ruins — an admixture of palaces, monasteries, and ancient gardens. The spotlight here, of course, always falls on the Jaya Sri Maha Bodhi tree, one of Sri Lanka's most sacred Buddhist relics.

Galle Fort

Another UNESCO–acclaimed World Heritage Site, Galle Fort, is renowned for being the most important archaeological, architectural and historical monument to illustrate the European influence in Southeast Asia. It was initially established by the Portuguese it was wrested by the Dutch and from them by the English. Vast areas of the citadel still retain their original state even to this day.

Culinary Pursuits

Long wooed by western traders for its fabulous bounty of spices, Sri Lanka has emerged as one of the most impressive culinary hot spots in this part of the world. While curry and rice will permanently be stapled home fare, what transforms even the humblest of dishes in the Sri Lankan kitchen are those magical spices. Fish, meat, vegetables and lentils— there is some mysterious chemistry when the spices are added to them, making each mouthful a wondrous odyssey of rich flavours and textures.

Driven by its spiritual, historical and natural heritage, Sri Lanka's cultural narratives offer visitors profoundly satisfying and rewarding experiences, which are excuse enough to make many repeat trips to this legendary spice island.

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