Cook the Lankan Way

The best way to experience a culture is through its food, especially street food. Embark on a cooking adventure and embrace your inner chef as you try your hands at cooking Sri Lankan cuisine at a local host’s home.

  • Learn simple cooking methods to repeat at home.
  • Explore the flavours, the abundant and harmonious use of spices and preparation methods of Sri Lankan cuisine
  • Opportunity to bond over food with families who open their home

Colombo is home to a multi-ethnic population that reflects in the food traditions of the people as well. With this experience, learn the intricacies of a traditional Sri Lankan meal, the flavourful spices used and taste delicious home-cooked fare that you have cooked yourself!

The meal and the cooking session is hosted by a local family where you get to experience not just the delectable fare, but also the warmth of Sri Lankan hospitality.  The food has a vibrant range of flavours because of the various types of local spices and the different preparation methods used.

Try your hands at everything starting from cracking a coconut in half to chopping veggies to tempering spices and frying papadum. Your host will explain the techniques and key ingredients in Sri Lankan cooking. Finally, savour the fruits of your labour on a leafy plate- a banana leaf.  You are welcome to eat with your hands like a local. Make sure to collect your recipe card to add these dishes to your dining repertoire back home. What more? You can easily replicate the dishes that you learn here for your loved ones back home.

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