Spend the day with Monks at Monastery

It’s not every day that one can delve into the life of a Buddhist monastery and when one gets such an opportunity it can be a very enriching experience to make the most of it. A day spent in the company of the monks and absorbing the details of their daily life can be quite enlightening as one follows the practices of a monastery in Bumthang. This is a rare and very special place to witness Buddhism up-close with junior monks.

  • Exclusive access to a prayer room with junior monks.
  • Learn about the daily routine of the monks.
  • Obtain a better understanding of Buddhism.

Bhutan has a peerless authentic Buddhist culture that has pervaded every aspect of its life since the advent of Buddhism in this serene Himalayan kingdom. The monasteries are not only a place of worship and veneration but also serve as places of learning skills and education for the monks. Visit the local monastery and observe the junior monks recite their sunrise chants and songs. The chanting is used for both religious purposes and to prepare the mind for meditation. You will have exclusive access to a private prayer room - a rare opportunity for travellers to experience the often-mysterious lives of monastic youth - with the option to join in a meditation session.

The monks here have a regular curriculum which they follow with religious zeal. This includes reading, memorizing the daily prayers, learning dharma dances, drawing mandalas, learning the melodies of sacred rituals, learning the use of ceremonial instruments and the art of making sacrificial objects, grammar, poetry, karika along with the basics of contemplation and instruction on the different stages of tantric rituals.

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