Essence of Tea

Over the centuries, Sri Lanka has gained the reputation of producing some of the world's finest teas. The tea culture in the country started during colonial times and is now in much demand globally. Learn the how's of tea production – from the tea gardens to your home as this tour gives you a masterclass into the production and packaging process of the famous 'Ceylon Tea'. Also, learn the art of tea tasting to become the connoisseur of the beverage.

  • Learn about the tea production, packaging and distribution processes.
  • Understand the subtle art and science behind blending, brewing and tasting tea.
  • Learn about tea technology and value addition for local and export markets.
  • Gain the fascinating experience of tasting some of the finest tea in the world

Explore the fascinating world of tea, learning the nitty-gritty of tea production, packaging and tasting. With roots in the colonial times, Ceylon tea is famous across the world for its taste and health benefits. Learn more about this world-famous tea from the professional tea tasters who regularly visit Sri Lankan tea auction.

Embark on the journey to kindle the tea connoisseur in you as you get the exclusive insights into the tea production process, and technology used at different stages of refining, blending and packaging of tea as well as the unique grading process. Visit the tea factory to learn to differentiate between various Ceylon teas based on the grain, texture, colour, strength and flavour across high, mid and low grown teas. Also indulge in the art of tea blending and understand the nuances of tea blends to cater to various markets across the globe. And finally, put your taste buds to good use as you taste some of the finest tea that the country has to offer.

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