Textile Trail in the Holy City of Varanasi

You will love to embark on an immersive journey of discovery in this ancient city where opulence is woven into rich silks and cottons, and where the finer nuances are reflected in the detailing in the embroidery of the most elegant garments and accessories. Enriching conversations and interactive visits with a textile design expert and local artisans help nurture your understanding of the various weaving and printing techniques and historical context which have now for long shaped even India’s contemporary textile culture.

  • An on-site first-hand experience of the rich craft and textile legacy of Varanasi as you witness the love, hard work, skill, and artistry that goes into the making of fabrics the world celebrates
  • Learning that there is much more in Varanasi, apart from weaving
  • Discovering the finer points of crafts like Gulabi Minakari, wooden lacquerware toys, and stonework
  • Buying those beautiful crafts of the city directly from the artisans
  • Hitting the eat streets and sampling the delights of favourite local dishes

You will be well rewarded by this facilitator-driven interaction, which, led by local textile expert, takes you to some of the homes of the famous weaver community of Varanasi, which still keeps alive its ancestral traditions. The tour will reveal to you the range of different techniques of weaving of some of the most exquisite textiles that the world celebrates.

You will also get to visit the atelier of one of Benares’s prolific designers. You will be privileged to see some of his most recent innovations with the textiles, which sell from some of the finest stores in the country.

The jewel craft of Minakari was introduced to India by the Mughals. While Minakari (enamelling) work delights you for its colours and motifs, the craft itself entails coating metal with vibrant colours. Commonly used colours are red, green and blue on silver, gold or other metals. What sets the work of the minakaars of Varanasi apart is the delectable pink Minkari jewellery that they so painstakingly produce. This they do by adding a tinge of delicate pink to white enamel, as a result of which pink is the predominant colour in their motifs.

The tour also provides an ideal opportunity to explore the beautiful world of Banarasi wooden toys. Your best lessons on this excellent handicraft are provided by the traditional toy makers themselves.

Along the way, you will enjoy a delicious lunch at a local eatery. 

Time permitting it will be possible to visit a stone carving set up where one can witness the supreme mastery of masonry and design making from an expert craftsman, while learning about Varanasi soft stone jali work.

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