Sustainability Tour in Jaipur

These Give Change a Chance: Sustainability Tours have been tailored for people who have an interest in sustainability and its best practices. The chosen initiatives are a reflection of the progress that is being made in the sustainable space, setting an example for others to take small steps to protect the planet and follow suit. This tour covers 3-4 initiatives, whose design and production techniques are based on “Mindful, Equitable and Fair-Trade Practices and Repurpose, Reduce and Recycle” based choices, as a way of life.

  • This is a chance to move from being shareholders to stakeholders
  • Learning from social ventures, from community minded groups and individuals as they re-engineer social and economic change
  • Learning about organisations and individuals that focus their operations on mindful practices that revolve around the principles on Reuse, Reduce, Recycle, and Repurpose

You will travel to Amer/Nahargarh fort to learn about the ancient water harvesting system, which sheds light on the provision of water for large residences, refined water conservation mechanism and superior architectural practices of 16th century Rajputana.

An immersive, interactive workshop at a block printing studio brings you in touch with artisans who can nurture your understanding of a printing technique that is a part of India’s contemporary textile culture.

An intriguing stopover is the workshop where paper is made from elephant poo. Enjoy watching this incredible process! In contrast to this, you get to engage with the founder of a zero-waste label. The lady primarily works with leftover cotton, linen, and denim. She also uses Aakh—an indigenous fibre from Rajasthan, which does not require water to grow and works with natural dyes like Indigo and Kashish that are created by artisans of Bagru village near Jaipur.

Lunch is arranged at a local eatery. Please note this is an indicative line-up of immersive interactions; the final schedule is dependent on the availability of concerned person, at the time of your breakaway.

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