Momo Cooking with a Home Chef

In Nepal and beyond, momos have garnered immense popularity due to their inexpensive, delicious taste, widespread availability, and deep historical roots. Whether fried or steamed, spicy or non-spicy, vegetarian, or non-vegetarian, this ubiquitous street snack has captured the hearts of many, and it's also a favourite dish prepared in most Nepali homes. Now, you have the chance to not just see and taste them but also learn how to make them yourself! Making momos is a beloved social activity in Nepal, especially during festivals and celebrations. In this unique experience, you'll learn to cook the infamous Nepali momo (stuffed dumpling) while combining all the different steps required in the preparation and cooking technique. The entire workshop takes place in a local Kathmandu home.

  • Treat your taste buds with one of Nepal's most popular dishes. 
  • Interact with a local Kathmandu family, experiencing their warmth and hospitality. 
  • Learn a new cooking skill and master the art of making momos.

This stuffed dumpling preparation is a quintessential Nepali dish, reflecting the influence of Tibetan cuisine. During the workshop, you'll learn various processes involved in creating momos, from kneading the dough to preparing the ingredients and folding the dumplings. Purna, our gracious host, will guide you through every stage to ensure you get the momos just right. Once the meal is prepared, you'll join the local family to enjoy it over lively conversations about the significance of momos as a street tradition and a beloved foodie delight. Everything you need for the cooking class is included in the price, so come prepared to have fun, savour delicious food, and make lasting memories with new friends. 

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