Food Walk – with a difference!

Fall in love with the flavourful local cuisine on this delicious food tour in Lucknow! 

This food walk in Lucknow is a cultural journey that takes you further than the food you will eat. As you enjoy authentic local bites ranging from savoury, sweet as well as drinks, you will also discover the city and its highlights. Wander around the vibrant area of Hazratganj, famed for its quality street-food stalls and exquisite fusions, and see and taste for yourself, why this area means so much for the locals.
  • Lead by a local foodie indulging in Lucknow’s street food delicacies
  • Steeping yourself in the rich narratives of Lucknow’s amazing culinary traditions
  • Exploring the fascinating Hazratganj neighbourhood.
  • Exploring Lucknow’s two prominent historical buildings - Sibtainabad Imambara and the Saadat Ali Maqbara

This is the ideal way to go sampling Lucknow’s legendary street food delicacies, with a local foodie as you enjoy exploring the historic Hazratganj neighbourhood. From yummy unmissable such as the classic Lucknow chaat and kebabs to unique dessert tastings like malai paan, gulaab jamun, milkshakes; you are in for a treat, so bring your appetite. As you savour these zesty dishes you can delve into the stories about their rise to fame, and learn about the incredible influence of Lucknowi cuisine all over India.

This walk takes you through some of Old Lucknow’s most amazing buildings while soaking up the rich narratives of the inspirations and the city's luminaries who built them. A short tonga ride will take you into the heart of this epicentre of culture. Along the way, we will stop at two magnificent monuments with rich Nawabi history — Sibtainabad Imambara and the Saadat Ali Maqbara. We will go on to explore its bustling medieval markets, taste sumptuous delicacies of its refined cuisine and interact with people who still hold dear city’s traditional suave mannerisms (tehzeeb),  whose hospitality and friendliness will surely make you fall in love with this romantic city.

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