Visit the Namgay Artisanal Brewery

Enjoy an excellent experience of the traditional and contemporary as the Namgay Artisanal Brewery which is unique in that is turns out a nice range of craft beers in its in-house bar aptly named “TAP”, which move along quite fast as the crowds swell each day here. The restaurant/bistro called “NAB” offers some nice treats to line your tummy before binging on the various varieties of beer on offer.

  • Explore the traditional bar but with a modern twist on furnishings.
  • Sampling the wares of the brewery, which produces its own beer – both bottled and on tap
  • Unique location perched on a ridge overlooking a scenic valley offering views of the Paro Dzong.

From Dumsibu, a 5 minutes-drive from Bondey Bridge, we find ourselves at the famous Namgay Artisanal Brewery which from its perch on a ridge offers stupendous views of the valley.  Right across from the microbrewery itself stands a cluster of traditional houses offering excellent opportunities for selfies.

Turning left at the brewery, on a clear day you may even espy the Paro Dzong along with the airport. A first of its kind in Bhutan, established by local entrepreneur Dorji Gyeltshen, the brewery has its own bar called “TAP” and a restaurant called “NAB” bistro.  Returning home from Switzerland, after a stint in studying there, he also brought to bear his education on craft beers acquired in Europe on his travels. Soak up the rich nuances of its traditional interiors designed with very old wooden posts and windows from a traditional Bhutanese house, seamlessly melded with stylish modern furnishings making it a beautiful mélange of the traditional and the contemporary.  The bar serves all the seven beers that the brewery brews: 3 in bottles and four on tap. Celebrations of the Bhutanese Beer Festival generate lots of fun at Namgay Artisanal Brewery.

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