Udaipur Heritage Walk

This ancient capital of the Mewar rulers, ruminating by the shores of Lake Pichola has long been a legend for its narratives of regal opulence, chivalry and romance, death-defying deeds of valour and political intrigue and courtly traditions. From the bustling bazaars to its noodle-thin lanes opening on unexpected crumbling havelis of yesteryears, imbues the city with a spirit of romance and wonderment even today.

Udaipur, also known as the City of Lakes, is indeed the most romantic town of Rajasthan. On this exclusive guided Walking Tour, you will discover the ‘real Udaipur’ – its people, its living traditions, it is interesting localities and vibrant bazaars. It’s an evocative world of sensory delights, with its echoing temple bells, the market hubbub and the fresh scents in the flower market and the fragrance of hot tea that, suffuses the air in the early mornings at Udaipur.

  • A  personal and up-close peek into this erstwhile royal city
  • Joining a family at their private residence for a cup of tea and snacks in their 150 years old residence
  • Exploring the bustling bazaars and witness the local way of life
  • We walk through Udaipur’s most beautiful streets and sites, wander in the hidden alleyways, and meet locals and various artisans engaged in jewellery making, pottery and bamboo craft. We will discover also the popular legends, living heritage and religious beliefs of this charming lakeside town.

    Our leisurely wanderings will take us the famous Ghats and historic temples on the shores of Lake Pichola. A visit to a stepwell will remind us how water is so precious for this state, which is home to the awesome Thar Desert. We will enjoy the hospitality of a local family at their home over a cup of tea and snacks; we will also get time to marvel at this over a century and a half residence embellished with fascinating fresco paintings and mirror work. From the atmospheric area of the clock tower in the old quarter, we move on to the silver and gold shops. Our walk also brings us to another old tradition in the city where we can observe the potters churn out water pitchers, flowerpots and the like as they have done from generation to generation etc.

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