Visit a Nunnery (Sangchhen Dorji Lhuendrup Lhakhang)

The superb location of the vast temple-cum- nunnery complex amidst sweet-smelling pine trees on a ridge overlooking Toebesa and gorgeous Punakha Valley is one of the many highlights of a visit to one, amongst several, interesting spiritual centres in Bhutan. This monastic centre offers a window into the daily routines of the nuns housed here as well as the learning and training activities arranged for a life to be led on the spiritual path. It also introduces the visitors to crafting skills such as thangka painting, embroidery, tailoring, statue making etc which are part of their curriculum.

Apart from religious training, discover more about the life skills which are also taught to the nuns.

  • The unique depiction of the great lamas of Drukpa Kagyu order on the black rocks surrounding the monastery
  • Soak up the delights of the stunning location of the nunnery
  • The 14-foot-high statue of Avalokitesvara said to be as one of the biggest statues in the country and the handiwork of many skilled artisans

Our journey begins with following the scenic route up to one of the most beautiful spots in Punakha. You can enjoy some intrepid photops from the perch on the pine-covered ridge. This centre of high learning and meditation is at the heart of the monastic complex which includes a beautiful shrine and a nunnery. You will be amazed at the serene splendour of a massive statue which dominates the complex. The 14-foot high statue of Avalokiteshwara said to be as one of the biggest statues in the country and the handiwork of many skilled local artisans. We will explore the training and craft teaching spaces at the complex where the nuns undergo their education for spiritual life. Of interest too are the unique carved black marble rocks with their depictions of the great lamas of Drukpa Kagyu order, to which the monastery is linked.

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