The lighting of the Butter Lamps

Participating exclusively in the prayer rituals of a monastery can be a very memorable experience. Interacting with the monks, joining them in the lighting of the butter lamps and later having a meal in the monastery itself holds the promise of being a very rare spiritual treat for the body and mind.

  • Discovering the significance of lighting the butter lamps.
  • Interactions with Tulku (a reincarnated Master).
  • Exclusive tour of the monastery.

Guests get to take part in the prayer ceremony and the ritualistic lighting of the butter lamps. Traditionally the butter for the lamps was made from yak milk, now, of course, any form of vegetable oil has replaced this. Heads bowed in prayer, surrounded by the silence of the flickering lamps can be quite hypnotic, lulling you into a world of deep quiet within yourself. After half an hour the Tulku or reincarnated Master will now bless you and personally accompany you on a guided tour of the Monastery. Afterwards, guests will be able to enjoy an exceptional private breakfast or lunch experience within the monastery. The lighting of the butter lamps is a deeply symbolic ceremony. The process signifies the banishment of the darkness of ignorance and releasing the spirit of enlightenment …of taking something without light (the butter) and transforming it into the light. Whether or not you have a physical lamp of your own to light, take a moment to seek the personal light by taking a deep, calming breath.

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