Cooking by Colour

Sri Lankan food has a wide range of flavours and here is an opportunity to understand these flavours. Learn how to cook simple yet traditional local fare with a strong influence of Malay, Sinhalese and Tamil cuisines. Join your host, a passionate cook who sees cooking as a form of expression, in ‘Cooking by Color’ where she takes you on a learning journey of cooking different kinds of rice, curries, sambals and salads each with a distinct taste, aroma, colour and flavour.

  • Create curries, sambols and salads that are a fusion of Malay, Sinhalese and Tamil cuisines
  • Learn to use various spices and understand their individual role in the local cuisines
  • Shop for the ingredients yourself with the help of your host at the lively Colpetty market.
  • Enjoy the lunch you prepared together on the veranda.

Roll up your sleeves to get first-hand experience of cooking a tasteful repertoire of Sri Lankan cuisine. Cooking by Color is a participatory cooking class that helps you take the first step towards learning about the Sri Lankan way of cooking. Your host takes her inspiration from Malay, Sinhalese and Tamil cuisines and will pass her learnings through this class to you. She will guide you in preparing a collection of dishes rich in the taste, aroma and of course colour using an array of elements and cooking methodologies.

Meet your host at her home in the suburbs. Armed with a no-fuss approach her expert yet logical teaching will equip you to replicate the food back home. With her help, cook delicious rice, sambols, salads and curries and enjoy the fruits of your labour at a sit-down lunch. What more! She even helps you with her recipe leaflet and a sample of her very own freshly ground spices to take back home!

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