Wheelways to the Imperial Cities of Agra and Fatehpur Sikri

Don’t let your being a traveller in a wheelchair rob you of the most thrilling travel experiences in the historic cities of Agra and Fatehpur Sikri, the ancient bastions of the legendary Mughals. The world of travel has changed so much that being disabled is no longer an obstacle for the adventurous travel buff. Inspirational travels are now flooding the Internet, helping differently abled travellers unshackle themselves from their comfort zones… and anxiety and fears, which stop them from exploring the world as others do. Accessible travel has come to stay to brighten up your world with limitless possibilities. And with a little of help, you can unleash the adventurer in you and return home with loads of thrilling memories of the places you have visited.

Agra in the 16th century came to serve as the capital of the Central Asian warlord and descendant of Genghis Khan, Babur. This momentous milestone in Indian history was achieved when he defeated the sultan of the Delhi Sultanate, Ibrahim Lodi, and established Mughal rule in India, which was to last for over 200 years.

This is a full-day tour of the Taj Mahal, Agra Fort and Fatehpur Sikri for seniors, people with different challenges, as well as wheelchair travellers, visually impaired or those with limited mobility. Centric to the many attractions of this old Mughal bastion is the iconic Taj Mahal, the world’s most famous monument to love and now a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The Mughal emperor Shahjahan commissioned this fantastic memorial in the mid-17th century to his beloved wife, Mumtaz-Mahal. The Taj is world renowned as a premier exemplar of Mughal architecture. It is only closed on Friday.

Another unforgettable monument you get to explore in Agra is the stunning 16th century Agra Fort built by the Mughal emperor Akbar. This UNESCO World Heritage Site features colossal walls built of red sandstone, the exquisite Pearl Mosque (Moti Masjid) and the Jahangiri Mahal and grandstand views of the legendary Yamuna River.

Long abandoned even from the days of the emperor’s rule Fatehpur Sikri the erstwhile capital of Emperor Akbar, offers visitors viewings of the superb early Mughal structures, as well as its Islamic and Hindu architectural influences.

  • Wheelchair accessible visit to the Taj Mahal, Mughal emperor Shahjehan’s monument of love for his beloved wife Mumtaz Mahal. One of the New Seven Wonders of the World it is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site 
  • Wheelchair accessible visit to the impressive Agra Fort, a UNESCO World Heritage Site
  • Wheelchair accessible visit to Mughal emperor Akbar’s erstwhile capital Fatehpur Sikri, an architectural marvel, and another UNESCO World Heritage Site

Guests with different challenges will love the easily accessible attractions of the rich architectural heritage of Agra. The high points of your adventure are the fabulous Taj Mahal and Agra Fort (both UNESCO World Heritage sites). A delicious lunch will be served in an accessible restaurant, equipped with accessible toilets. 

A shopping spree can be arranged based on your interests and mobility challenges. Agra is chiefly renowned for its superb marble inlay work, a time-consuming process that involves the skill of several specialists. This delicate process involves carefully cutting and engraving marble shapes by hand. You will already have seen beautiful examples of this ancient artisanal skill at the Taj.

A 40-km drive from Agra takes you to the erstwhile capital city of the Emperor Akbar. Fatehpur Sikri, an exquisite architectural marvel in red sandstone and now a UNESCO World Heritage will offer you many moments of delight as you explore its rich stone work.

Services of a knowledgeable English-speaking local guide for full day will be arranged for your convenience. The guide will meet you at your hotel and will drop you back after the tour. Local guides speaking French, Spanish, Italian and German etc can be arranged at an extra cost and can be booked depending on their availability. This service is best booked in advance. Our guide will travel in your car from your hotel; in case there is no space for him, arrangements for his transport can be made at extra cost. 

The trip, a beautifully curated slow travel experience, is lots of fun, as there’s a great deal of flexibility to customize the tour according to your special needs and mobility challenges. You can choose the monuments you wish to visit and directly pay the entry fee at the ticket counter. This gives you the liberty to choose monuments as per your interest and accessibility. Arrangements are made for one standard wheelchair for the tour along with one assistant to push your wheelchair if need be. You will use your own vehicle for this tour. If you are looking to hire a wheelchair accessible van with a ramp, this can be arranged from Delhi and can accompany you for the entire tour. This van is equipped with a manually foldable ramp needing manual assistance to push the wheelchair in and out of the vehicle.

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