One day Textile Trail in Jaipur

Breakaway to Jaipur, where golden sands, indigo skies and crimson forts find an echo in its traditional fabrics. A city that turned pink in honour of the Prince of Wales, Prince Albert, as a sign of welcome by Maharajah Sawai Ram Singh II, Jaipur is associated with a riot of other colours, thanks to its beautiful textiles and age-old printing techniques. Lose yourself in breathtakingly beautiful Indigo, Bagru and Sanganeri hues.

With a textile designer at the helm, we leap into the sensitivity of blending block prints and traditional textile designs and accessories, now taking the form of contemporary fashion.

  • Visiting local production workshops
  • Opening up conversations with designers and textile printers
  • Loading upon a fuller appreciation and outlook into a world filled with colour and steeped in tradition and old-world techniques.

You travel to the age-old village of Bagru, a small village just 30 km away from Jaipur city. Bagru is now world renowned for its natural dyes and wood-block printing as promoted through its beautiful ‘Bagru textiles’. You will visit the workshop of a master craftsman and award winner to have a facilitator- driven discussion with him about the delicate process of dyeing and indigo printing. Heading back to Jaipur doesn’t mean this amazing narrative ends. You will continue to unfold new layers at the home studio of a designer who will showcase exquisite gota-patti and aari work, which is a form of hand embroidery and embellishment on decorative textiles and wedding clothes.

Lunch is arranged at the Anokhi Café, an iconic café, serving organic and healthy world cuisine. Post lunch, you can indulge in some shopping here.

Up next is a visit to a traditional block maker and printer that offers a peek into his collection of exquisite and priceless brass and hand blocks, which are no longer available. You will love the easy interaction with a master craftsman, who is known for the art of tie and dye. The craftsman is a master in the craft of Leheriya and is an advocate of using azo-free dyes, natural dyes, and environmentally friendly techniques in his craft.

If time permits, a visit to a craftsmanship centre can be planned. The space has been created to showcase craft traditions, with the first exposition centred on indigo. The experience goes all the way from the supply chain, to going back to the craftsmen and asking them to set up vats, to the actual dyeing process—the idea is to house the entire process and show it to the world.

Please note this is an indicative listing of immersive experiences; the final schedule is dependent on the availability of artisans, at the time of your breakaway.

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