Pottery Class

The centuries-old craft of pottery offers visitors an excellent insight into an important aspect of Nepal's culture and customs. Bhaktapur has long been the hub for traditional pottery in Kathmandu Valley. Of particular note are the large ceramic water pots which play a vital role in most villages. These pots are used to collect, store, and transport water while keeping it cool. This is a unique opportunity to experience firsthand the ancient tradition of pottery-making using two different traditional methods.

  • Learn about the background and history of pottery. 
  • Learn from a third-generation master potter. 
  • Experience making two forms of pottery – handmade and on the pottery wheel. 
  • Enjoy an evocative, therapeutic, and tranquil experience. 
  • A fun and interactive activity for all ages.

Under the guidance of a third-generation master potter with over 20 years of experience, you will learn two different traditional methods of pottery-making: handmade pottery and using the pottery wheel. This can be a delightful experience, especially if you have kids with you on this trip, and they join in. The potter's wheel, dating back to the Bronze Age, remains largely unchanged, connecting you to the earth's roots with its scents and textures. Working with the clay evokes long-suppressed memories of time spent in the outdoors, by a stream, on a mountain trail, or in a meadow. It offers an evocative, therapeutic, and tranquil experience as you and the wheel become one. It's the perfect escape from the noise and clutter of the world, allowing you to savour the clean lines of the pot emerging from your shaping hands and the spin of the wheel.

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