The Spice Trail in Madurai

Cardamom, coriander, turmeric, ginger, tamarind, asafoetida… the stars of Indian cuisine are many, and each has a unique personality that it lends unabashedly to every preparation. The spice trail is an exploratory journey through Indian cuisine. Walk into an everyday Indian kitchen and watch the magic play out. Savour the fragrance of a myriad spices, working in harmony to make the meal memorable. And observe them do their bit – some sing, some shout out their presence and others seduce you ever so coyly. Listen to stories of seasonal produce, of handpicking local vegetables and of the people who grow them. Create a drool-worthy meal, sit back, and relish every mouthful. This is one trail where you would love getting your hands dirty.

Come prepared to be bowled over by the allure of Indian cuisine.

  • An introduction to Indian spices from a Madurai kitchen
  • Learning to prepare  food with a local lady
  • Enjoying the cultural nuances of using  local vegetables

This tour offers a wonderful new insight into the 'Jasmine City'. Clearly, aromas and scents play a good part in enhancing the allurements of this pilgrimage town. While the all-pervasive scent of jasmine seduces our senses, a trip down to the spice market offers quite another sensory experience. The glorious colours of organic turmeric, mundu chillies and natamali, (coriander seed, the beautiful shapes and textures of woody cinnamon, cloves and star anise, the aromas captured in cardamom big and small, the pleasure of marrying of various aromas to a dish, after a visit here, is sure to be an adventure in itself. You will also enjoy the delights of early morning street life as you head for the vegetable market to choose some things for the meal you are going to help prepare and enjoy in a Madurai home. Learn exciting new ways of doing things with familiar spices, vegetable and condiments, while enjoying anecdotes and tales associated with them all. You wouldn’t miss this for the world.

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