Bonding with Horses

To share your passion with like-minded people offers infinite ways of enjoying what you love to do. And for Mallyka Singh Dundlod, of A Baisa's Adventures, it is all about creating exciting new narratives for the love of horses. Dundlod town, established in 1750 by Keshri Singh, has long been associated with its excellent stables. To revive the noble Marwari horse, a breed indigenous to Rajasthan, Mallyka’s father started offering guests at Dera Dundlod Fort a rare opportunity to ride these beautiful horses. For Mallyka, who grew up around horses and wants to share her passion for them, it was natural to take up this legacy and offer guests a personally supervised riding experience. She herself undertakes customizing the riding tours under complete safety guidelines; Mallyka ensures that there is a good connect between her guest and the horses, as she wants people to really enjoy this experience to the fullest

  • The ride experience is curated by someone who loves riding
  • Getting to ride one of the most iconic horse breeds in the world
  • The interactions about the world of horses with someone who is totally familiar with this special sport

In the "Bonding with Horses" experience, we offer simple fun techniques which consist of building upon confidence and self-awareness by focusing on the mirroring abilities of horses, allowing them to reflect upon the human participant’s emotions and behaviour.

With every individual, the experience feels different as all of our made different, yet our common goal is to achieve a mental state of balance and achievement in whatever sphere of life. That’s why one of the key aspects of this experience is that every individual realises the importance of team effort. Experiences such as these not only help people enjoy something they love but also learn the joy of enhancing personal skills.

The experience introduces you to know a horse by simple exercises like grooming, sense of touch; then there’s a basic lesson on how to mount a horse, which builds self-confidence in each individual; it ends with the delight of bathing and feeding the horse. We would like you to experience this magnificent human-horse connection, and take your own personal journey while you bond with the horse you are riding.

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