Periyar Bouquet (Morning/Evening by Cycle & Tea)

What is it that brings you to Thekkady? Is it the Nature reserve or is it the whiff of the aromatic Spices? Is it the mist-laden yet crispy mountain air or is it the lush green treat for your eyes? Perhaps the alluring call of a songbird? The gorgeous countryside of Thekkady summons up a welter of images and questions. We can but try and open up a few casements to this land and its people, for you to get a better understanding of this world.

Let us go, then together and see what it has in store for our memory banks.

  • Bicycle ride around Thekkady
  • Exploring the stunning environs of this beautiful slice of Kerala.
  • Interacting with the local farmers to understand their ways of life
  • What if we tell you that there is more to Thekkady than what is apparent? Thekkady is one among the rare 25 Biodiversity hotspots in the world, and one among the two in India after the Eastern Himalayas. It is home to an abundance of flora and fauna, and quite a few that are rare and endangered species as well.

    Join us on this story to get an up-close acquaintance with the common plants, the scurrying beetles and the industrious little ants found here. But then, we do not leave out our fellow humans from this story either; we will give you a glimpse into how the hopes and aspirations of many a family are pinned on the humble quantity of spices grown in their backyard garden; allow us to take you to yet another family whose very existence is dependent on cultivating spices. On this program, you can see how the delicate balance between us humans and other species of flora and fauna of the Periyar biodiversity is maintained.

    You will get to interact with the local farmers to understand their ways of life and how spices play a vital role in their economy; and how they strive to achieve a balance between being an agrarian community and conserving nature by putting ecologically sustainable practices into farming. Get a whiff of the Periyar Bouquet, a bouquet made from the unique experiences of this region, involving local families and people.

    Most of our bicycles are Trek 3700 V mountain bikes and Scott Subcross 40 D touring bikes; these bikes are unisex models and will have a centre crossbar on the frame. Hence ladies are requested to wear shorts/trousers for riding convenience. In case you require a lady's bike, we can offer the basic B-Twin 7-speed lady's bicycles in medium and small size.

    Clients may want to spend more time while on our tours, which we would appreciate, but please do anticipate the same and make sure you leave enough time for that and clients do not have to rush back to join some other program scheduled by you

    Since the program is a reflection of life as it is in a village, the expedition manager may modify the program on certain days, keeping the best interest of the guests and the sentiments of the locals in mind.

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